June 18, 2005

Shawl update

I'm so excited about the progress that I've made with my shawl. See... I'm a horrible quitter. I tend to lose interest halfway through a project and just, make it disappear into a box or bag. But not this shawl. I work on it every day, even if it's only a few rows before I go to bed.

I've finished 15 repeats of the pattern, so I only have 12 left! I'm more than halfway done! I'm on my fourth skein of yarn and I have three to go. I don't want to set up a plan for myself, like "Do 3-4 repeats a day" or anything, because I can never hold to those. I do know that now that I'm more than halfway done it's going to get more exciting to work on it.

Sammy still has a fascination with the yarn. I don't know if its because its pure wool, or what, but he has to be in my lap while I'm knitting. And while he's given up on eating the yarn or tearing it apart, he burrows under the shawl and licks it, constantly.

I'm also working on a super secret project that cannot be divulged until it is complete, in case it doesn't work out. But if it does... whoo will it be awesome. Beyond awesome. It'll be... too great for words.

I've been perusing the internet for free patterns. I've found some really great ones, some on Lion Brand Yarn's website, some on knittingpatterncentral.com's site. One pattern illudes me. It's for the ruffle scarf from Scarf Style. Basically it's a scarf that ends up forming a sort of double helix as you knit it, and I think it's just too cool looking. But the book is over $20 and that's the only pattern in it that really interests me. So... to the library! I'll borrow the book, make the scarf, and we'll all live happily ever after.

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