August 17, 2005


So yeah... I haven't touched knitting needles or yarn or anything (except for frogging that sweater back) in almost a week! I'm starting to go through withdrawls.

I think it has something to do with the new yarn tub I bought. See... I have disgusting amounts of yarn and it all sort of piles up on me. So I bought a brand new 45 gallon tub for to store it all in. It all didn't fit. But I got it all put away and tucked out of sight. See... my cat eats yarn. Anything he can get his furry little paws on, he'll tear it apart, knitted or wound. Finished projects have to be kept well out of his reach.

So since it's been put away and ut of sight, everything has stopped. I'm thinking that it's the whole 'out of sight...' thing. But it hasn't been out of mind. I've just been fairly busy with the whole quitting my job, running around crazy thing. But I miss my yarn!

I'm thinking of starting a pair of socks. Something small that I can carrying around with me while I go to the (hopefully) tons of job interviews I'll be getting when I put my resume out for the world to see. But I don't want to do just... socks. Ya know? I want adventure, I want a pattern worth following. I want something that will keep my attention.

20 minutes later... I've dug out yarn and chosen.... this. We'll see how it works out!

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Holly said...

Those are very cool socks. I'm gonna have to put that pattern on the to-do list!