September 23, 2005


This post is rated NKC, for Non-Knitting Content.

My brother's wedding shower is this Sunday and I wanted to make a nice basket for cards to be put in.

My grandmother donated the actual basket, I think she got flowers in it for Mother's day or something like that. I headed out to the craft store and bought 5 things. 2 roses, red satin ribbon, beaded cord, a needlepoint hoop and a glue gun.

This is what I ended up with.

The arch is the needlepoint hoop, both the inside and the outside. With a heck of a lot of glue to keep them in place. Then I wrapped the satin ribbon around it, then the beaded cord, then glued the roses in place, then added the special ribbon with their names and the date of the wedding, then I added the dangling beads.

I have to say I'm quite please with how it turned out. Now the only question is whether or not I'll be able to actually go to the shower. I'm still really sick (it's gone from my nose to my chest and it burns like nothing else when I cough.).

Speaking of being sick, I found out just how nice my work is yesterday. I forced myself to go in to work, even though I was still sick. I was really hurting but I made myself stay. Until my boss told me to go home and stay in bed until Monday. Assured me that I wasn't in trouble and that they just wanted me to get better. After working in retail for so long, being a slave to the store, it's quite an adjustment to work somewhere that the people both care and sympathize.


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Holly said...

Lovely basket! Chest colds are nothing to mess with (forgive my motherlyness) so take good care of yourself. I've had pneumonia twice and I can tell you that it was no fun and a complete waste of time. :-) Hope you're feeling better quick.