October 05, 2005

Thrill and Defeat

So there I was, waiting with baited breath, for my new books. I was so excited when they came and I tore into the box.

So yeah... Last Minute Knitted Gifts... total disapointment. I mean... the patterns were like... Make a pompom! Make a tassle! Make a garter stitch scarf! Very lame, not anything that you couldn't figure out without a book in front of you. Let alone a $25 book.

Now the other book that I got, 450 Knitting Stitches, I'm very happy with this one. Full color pictures of each stitch, with instructions and different color combinations that you could try. I can't wait to start working on them.

Needless to say, the bad book was returned. I wasn't going to waste that kind of money on a book that's just going to sit on the shelf and never be used. I ended up exchanging it for Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night's Dream and an autobiography by Sean Astin about playing Sam in Lord of the Rings called There and Back Again, An Actor's Tale. I saw it when it first came out and I was very excited, but the only books I'll buy in hardcover are the Harry Potter series. But, lucky me, it was in paperback, so I snatched it up.

I'll have something more fiber related soon. The baby sweater actually looks like a sweater! I'm on the sleeves right now, the front and back are on stitch holders. Hehe it looks like a little baby shrug.

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