November 14, 2005

Wherefore Art Thou Weekend?

You know...

All week I sit at work thinking "Oh it's almost the weekend. I can just sit and relax and knit and get so much done." And all day Friday I'm all giddy and happy, thinking of all the stuff I'll get done over the next two days.

Then harsh reality slaps me upside the head when I realize it's 7 o'clock on Sunday night and I haven't even managed to do my laundry, let alone anything else productive.

This weekend was no different. Friday I sat at home, on my computer, and relaxed.
Saturday I had lunch with a friend, which is a very good way to spend time. But afterwards, when I got home, I proceeded to not do anything productive. It wasn't until Sunday night that I even glanced at my knitting.

I didn't even have that much on my list of stuff that I wanted to finish up. Just a single scarf. Just one. Did I? NOPE. Why? LAZY. Did I cast on that baby hat for the proud father at my work? NOPE. Why? LAZY.

And here I sit, writing about it on my blog rather than working on it. Why? ADDICTED TO BLOGGING.

1 comment:

Holly said...

whatever that little "I know I have things I need to do, but I'd rather just sit here at the computer" disease is, I've got it too.