December 11, 2005

A SNB Saturday

This morning's headache that really is trying to become a migraine excluded, I have to say that this weekend has been truely wonderful and enjoyable.

Friday, as I mentioned earlier, my little sister stayed the night. We had a lot of fun coloring and watching movies. Imagine myself and a smaller version of me, sitting and arguing which Toy Story movie we wanted to watch (She wanted to see the 2nd one first, but I wanted to see the 1st one. She won.) We had chips and salsa and ice cream and pop corn. Saturday afternoon we went out to lunch, then did a little shopping, then I took her home. It was a great time.

Saturday afternoon I picked up the Junior Knit Wit for some holiday shopping, but another knitting pal, Heather, called to see if we all wanted to hang out and knit for a while, then hit the bar for some Karaoke later on. Hells yeah! So Heather, JKW and I all hunkered down in my room, popped in a few movies and knit. Heather is a relatively new knitter, so yesterday was spent reminding her of the purl stitch and getting her started on her very first hat. JKW was working on a scarf, Misty Garden from Scarf Style, and between the two of them asking me one question and another I thought it safest to work on something that only required garter stitch. So I spent the time working on Scarf A. And unknitting their mistakes, and yelling at one or the other to pay attention to their patterns, and being told I'm a mean teacher. Good times... good times.

Karaoke, unfortunately, was not a good time. Someone was having a birthday party at the bar, so people were talking real loudly, standing all around, and when I went up to sing I could barely hear myself. So we left after finishing our drinks. Too claustrophobic.

This morning, sadly, I woke with a migraine, so I curled right back up and went to sleep to get rid of it. It worked, but the shadow of it is still hovering around in my head, but I took some Excedrin Migraine (my drug of choice in these situations) and it's starting to fade. Thank goodness, as I have a Wolves game tonight at 5 with my daddy. Always my favorite thing to do. Just have to swing out before hand and get some cash. Today I'm buying the sodas and nachos.

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