January 18, 2006

The Happy Kelly Dance

It’s Wednesday and I’ll start the day off with the Happy Kelly Dance.

For those of you blessed enough to have never seen the Happy Kelly Dance, it’s best done in a chair, preferably one with wheels so you can shimmy around the place with minimal effort. Done on your feet, you look like someone trying to do the Chicken Dance, Macarena and Electric Slide at the same time. Done in a chair and you may just look like you really need to use the ladies room.

So why am I doing the Happy Kelly Dance? I’m in a very good mood.

First and foremost, I’m taking a class this semester. Tuesday nights with a great teacher. Plus I’m auditing it, so I don’t have to worry about papers and tests, I just get to read wonderful literature and discuss it in a scholarly setting. Even better, there’s only like… 10 people total in the class. YAY!

Secondly… I’ve been getting comments! Consistently! By people other than my friends who so nicely read my blog! I love you all!

Thirdly – I’ve got homework! Hehehehehe… (Ok, this goes with #1 but I’m really happy about that!)

Fourthly (Is that a word?) – I’ve signed up for the Knitting Olympics. Check out Yarn Harlot’s blog for more info. I’m going to do the Rosebud Scarf. To be fair I will be frogging my 8 rows of work and restarting.

Fifthly (Do I have to keep counting?) – I’ve actually managed to make it a habit to drink a glass of water in the morning before I let myself have a Pepsi. (This is a big deal for me. Ask Anna, she’ll tell you. Me no drinky water. Bad Kelly!)

I think I’ve done enough listing of reasons to be cheerful this morning. If you made it through my list, here’s your reward. A funny story involving my mom.

We were sitting in McDonald’s in the mall, eating before we went to a Wolves hockey team party, and I was frantically trying to finish a team jersey hat for someone who would be there. My mom (who is NOT one of the people who attacks me about my knitting, except to ask where HER gifts are) commented that I had a long way to go.

Me: “Oh no, I’m actually already at knit four, knit two together in the decreases, so I’m quite close to being finished with the crown.”

Mom: *blink blink* Kelly, you might as well have said greeble snork babbledoo for all I understood what you just said.”

We both laughed and then, because I am a knitter, I proceeded to explain to her what I had meant. She listened patiently, though her eyes glazed a bit towards the end.

Another cute thing that happened a few moments later in the same McDonald’s; I was weaving in the ends on the hat (which I hate. Ends are evil.) And I hear:

“You can watch her sew, but keep eating Kevin!”

I looked up and there was a little boy staring at me from where he was standing on his chair, all wide eyed wonder at what I was doing. I was so happy. We need a few more three needle knitters in this world, if you get my drift.

On a side note… I’m not wearing matching socks today. This means two things:
1. I need to do laundry. 2. I need to knit more socks.

Happy Wednesday!!!


Chris said...

You goofus! Firstly: Can anyone see your unmatched socks? If not, it doesn't count as unmatched. You know, does a tree make a sound, yada, yada!
Have a continued great day! Now to Happy Kelly Dance in my computer chair!

Chris said...

Love the visual of the Happy Kelly Dance!!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Yay, I love the Happy Kelly dance! And I'm very glad you had good reason to do it!

Congrats on auditing the class, too, I know how much you wanted to do that... :)

Happy Wednesday to you, too, hun, and I'll call you this weekend!



gigi said...

That's awesome! Fun class - writing papers = great idea!