January 14, 2006

A New Day

I'm happy to inform everyone that my random blues have gone away. Chased away by various different remedies. Knitting, of course, made everything better, but the ice cream and comfort foods helped. In face... I think I want a bowl of ice cream right now....

Ahh... ice cream makes all things better. Now, back to posting...

I also heard from my Secret Pal, who told me that I should already be keeping an eye out for a package! WOW! If that doesn't cheer you up, nothing will.

In other news I've decided to nix Secret Project #1. Well maybe not nix it completely, but I'm frogging it and turning the yarn into something else. I should have known better than to make a garment to wear out of chunky yarn. Ick. Dummy Kelly. Maybe a cabled bag...

Secret Project #2, on the other hand, is flying off the needles. I'm very excited. I'll likely have it done by the end of the weekend, so Monday you can expect a truely grand reveal of the secret project. I'll be working on it tonight and tomorrow while I'm at the Wolves games.

My room is an absolute mess. All I've been doing lately is knitting, rather than cleaning. I think there even might be a load of clean clothes sitting in the dryer instead of hung up like they should be. Lazy lazy lazy... no cookies for me (which is ok so long as I can have my ice cream).

For those of you who own Scarf Style, I've started knitting the RoseBud scarf for an ex-teacher that I had for a couple classes at Harper. She's always wearing some sort of a shawl or drape and I'm knitting it on larger needles than it calls for, using Caron Simply Soft yarn and size 6 needles. I'll post pictures as I go along, this is my first attempt at a project with this type of color use. Usually I only do stripes. So we'll see how it turns out.

Well I'm off to get back to my knitting. (Actually I think I'm going to play some video games for a while... curse Nintendo Gamecube!) Happy Saturday!


Chris said...

Glad to hear you're feeling cheerier!

Thanks for droppin' by my blog and sayin' hi. :) Oh yeah, he's a little devil. There's a segment of my friends who suggest that, had I named him "Meditative Trance" or the like, things would be much calmer around here.

Have a happy knitting Saturday - I know I will!

ttbookjunkie said...

So glad you were able to chase away the blues.

Happy knitting...

chittavrtti said...

That is a lovely pattern. I like the shape of it as well. Looking forward to seeing your progress on it :)***CV

Divinely said...

Hi there,
Just stumbled across your blog while I was doing a search for the Vintage Knits Rosebud Scarf. I have just started knitting it and can't find any samples online. Have you finished yours yet? Are there any pics?
BTW, impressed by your Rowan'Birch' on Flickr