January 28, 2006

OPOA Day!!!

Meet Anna. Everyone in the world should be as blessed as I am, to have such a wonderful friend in their life. There has never been a single moment in my life when I worried or wondered whether or not Anna would judge me or dislike me for any dark secret that I shared with her.

Not only is she beautiful, which we can all see from the above picture, she's smart, funny, a blast to be around, kind, sweet, strong, giving, gentle... I could go on for a while.

So WHAT in all the world could have possessed me to reward such a wonderful friend by declaring today Official put Pressure On Anna Day?

I have a twisted sense of humor. Thankfully Anna has 15+ years of experience with it, so she probably (hopefully) will think this is funny(please).

I'm throwing down the gauntlet Anna, and I need everyone's help. My challenge, should you choose to accept it, is for you to participate in the Knitting Olympics with me. Now I know that, being a pharmacy student, you do not have the oodles of time that I have.

That's where the rest of you come in. We need ideas. Ideas for projects that can be finished within the 16 days of the olympics, that ISN'T a scarf and that doesn't require endless hours of work.

So here's my idea for you Anna. A felted bag. Perhaps the Booga Bag or the felted satchel from Knitty.com. Felted bags are nice because they're knit on bigger needles, so they go faster.

But we need more ideas! Give her a real great selection to choose from. Suggest projects you've made yourself, link to patterns or pictures so she can see it all. Put that Pressure On!!!

Love you Anna! Still friends?


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

LOL!!! Of course still friends, sweetie, and how could I not want to do the knitting Olympics now with that ringing vote of confidence in my (as yet beginner) knitting abilities?


Now I must figure out a project by the 10th.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Love ya lots (despite the embarrasing photos) :)


Chris said...

Hee hee. Felted bags are great ideas and the Booga Bag is of a very doable size. Or the Sophie Bag. The winter issue of menknit.com has another felted bag, plus interesting things like ipod mittens.

Holly said...

Ooooh...ooooh....how fun! How about fingerless mitts? There is a link to a pattern on my blog (too lazy to look for it now). They are fun and pretty fast and are great for this ridiculous winter we're having. Please keep us posted on what Anna decides to do!
Went to Evanston today and yelled hello when we went by Arlington Heights. :-)