January 26, 2006

What A Week!!!

So who said that I was allowed to have a life?

I’ve been so busy this week, I’m about ready to fall asleep on my desk. Maybe under it… darker down there. Could use my coat as a blanket…

Anyways, things have been crazed. I’m starting to think that I might be spreading the Kelly just a bit too thin. My schedule stands thusly

Monday – Friday: Work from 8-4

Monday – Dinner with parents (Usually home around 8:30ish)
Tuesday – Class at Harper (Class ends at 9:15, usually stay to chat with teacher, home around 9:45 – 10:00ish)
Wednesday –
Thursday – Knitting night (Runs from 7-9, some nights from 6-9, usually home around 9:30ish)
Friday – Movie night/Night out with sister
Saturday – Hang with friends/Wolves Games
Sunday – Chores/Wolves Games

You may have noticed that the only real gap in my schedule is on Wednesday. So, as today is Thursday, I should be all rested and relaxed from my day of rest. Wrong. I went out last night to see a movie with two friends and we ended up sitting and talking until close to 10:30. Then I had to shower and groom and it was fairly late when I got to bed. I’m pooped. If I hadn’t promised, both a fellow knitter and myself, that I wouldn’t ditch knitting night any more, I’d ditch knitting night. But really if I don’t go to that what am I going to do? Sit at home and knit. So not going would be silly. At least that way I can have some company.

I put in an order to KnitPicks.com the other day. Is it bad that I can’t remember what I ordered? I know I ordered yarn to make my Wool Peddler’s shawl, beautiful merino wool in the maple leaf colorway, though I don’t think I got enough so I might have to order more. The majority of the finished shawls I’ve seen on people’s blogs have an extra pattern repeat on the lace. I think the rest of the order was sock yarn, but I’m probably wrong. Ah wait, I remember now. I ordered lace weight yarn to make myself a shawl (Can you tell I love shawls?) and I did get some sock yarn. Yay for socks and shawls. I’m starting to look at the Irish square lace shawl in Folk Shawls, I started making it once but stopped because… I don’t even know why I stopped. Anyways they have the perfect yarn for it at KnitPicks.com, again the merino wool in the moss colorway, and it would really only come to about… $45-$50. (2,200 yards needed, 123 yards a skein, $2.29 a skein, I hate math so you figure it out :~) $41.22, and I’d probably get an extra 2 skeins. So I was right!)

On a less cheerful note… I’m having slight issues with the person I am supposed to be spoiling for SP7. No return e-mails, no input, no posts on her blog, I have no idea, still, what sort of yarn to get her and it’s starting to frustrate me. I was so excited about the idea but I don’t want to just buy yarn for the sake of buying yarn. I want her to like it and use it. I want her to be as happy with her package as I was with mine. (Already working with that sock yarn, by the way. Nearly done with the cuff of the first one.)

I actually have an agenda at my knitting night tonight (which is held at my LYS). First and foremost, I’m buying a set of Addis. So many people raving about them, I guess I’m a follower because I’m going to hop on the bandwagon and give them a whirl. Buying size 3s, to make the lace weight shawl I mentioned above. And, assuming she answers one of my e-mails before 6 o’clock, I’d like to buy yarn and ship it out tomorrow to the above mentioned spoilee. They had some Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the clearance bin (!!!) and I’m thinking of picking her up a hank. (Pricey, but worth it for such beautiful yarn) I also want to pick up an additional skein of Noro wool in the blue colorway for my felted bag that has still yet to be started. I’m still not certain what to bring along to work with. I’m not really working on a project at the moment, just socks and the long neglected nearly finished baby blanket for the 4 days overdue Casey. Poor Casey, she wants that baby out of her so badly. Send her labor-ish thoughts everyone. (Easy labor-ish thoughts.) Can’t bring the blanket, it’s acrylic red heart yarn and the LYS owner might take that as an insult. Probably the blue sock. See if I can’t finish the cuff and turn the heel while I’m there.

Wow, I just keep going don’t I? I’m going to silence myself and get back to work. Happy Knitting everyone!



Anna-juniorknitwit said...

OPOA day? Never heard you talk about that one...now I'm interested... :)

TTYL, sweetie, love ya lots!


Chris said...

Oh, bummer about your SP. Can you check in with whoever's running the SP about it??

Are you talking Addi Naturas or Addi Turbos. I LOVE Turbos. But I'm not sure a lace project will be the best for trying them - often people seem to like bamboo for lace knitting, because the stitches don't slide/fall off the needles.

I'm tired just reading about your schedule! Must have another mocha...

Holly said...

SP - let the coordinator know what's going on with that. They need to be aware of people not holding up their end.

Addis...love them! On lace, not so much. The are slippery and make working with finer fibers a little scary.

Please give Casey my best wishes and tell her that my daughter was 2 weeks late, but the good part was that she was so big that she slept through the night almost right away. Looking forward to hearing all about the new baby!

Chris said...

How rude, to keep us in suspense! Give it up, what's OPOA day?

Sending vibes to Casey, which is my youngest daughter's name. Work it girl, birth that baby!