February 09, 2006

I'm So Pissed I Can't Even Think of a Damn Title

There’s this invisible line out there, between funny and completely inappropriate. And it’s been crossed. In fact, the line has been crossed so far that it’s out of damn sight anymore.


What. The. Fuck?

Here’s the exact description of this KAL, from the genius who thought it up…
“I am starting the Special Knitting Olympics. It is very simple. You start a project the day of the opening ceramonies and you finish it whenever you damn please.”

Now obviously this person has never been to a single Special Olympics. The athletes there do not ‘finish whenever they damn please’ or abandon their events in favor of something else. They concentrate, they push themselves, they prove to the world that handicapped does not mean incapable.

Now ignorance from ONE person I can try to excuse. I can. But then I scrolled down and looked at some of the comments people were leaving:

“I am so for this! I've always been kinda... special....”

“Yes! I was looking for a Special Knitting Olympics for Knitters with ADD...”

“I can just buy some yarn and then ignore the project comepletely with the best of them. After all, I am truely special.”

“I love this idea. Come join me on the Knitters Short Bus!”

If you haven’t guessed, the last was the one that really pushed my temper over the edge. The knitters short bus? People really just disgust me.

I’m sick and fucking tired of people using handicapped people to define laziness. You have NO idea how hard my little sister works to better herself. You have no idea how seriously they take their classes and their work and their attempts to better themselves. They are not lazy.

So thank you, whoever thought up this KAL, for royally pissing me off and showing to the world how idiotic and ignorant you really are. And thank you, to the people who hopped aboard the ‘knitters short bus’ and actually saw this KAL as a good thing. Your combined efforts to belittle a community of people who already struggle to fit in will surely earn you massive attention from our good friend Karma.

People make me sick.


Janis said...

I am sorry that I made you so angry. If you would have read completely I also added that I was being tongue in cheek and not making fun of anyone.

I think you need something else to vent your anger on. I was not being mean at all. If you are offended by this then you took it the wrong way. If for a moment you thought my intention was to make fun of handicap people then you are the sick asshole, not me. You know nothing about me or my family.

Karma? that is ironic considering what you just wrote about me and you don't even know me.

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

I honestly don't even know how to respond...

To the above commenter, trust me, you don't know who it is you're talking about, either. No idea at all. If you think this woman is just "venting anger", you're grossly mistaken, but I'm not going to go into the history behind it. Just understand there are some things that aren't "tongue-in-cheek" to certain people and never will be.

I'm really sorry this upset you the way it did, Kel.

Love ya lots,


Janis said...

I want to publicly apologize. I never in a million years would hurt someone intentionally and I am sorry that I did. I got denfensive and I shouldn't have. If I hurt one person that was too much.

Holly said...

Kel, I'm so sorry that you ran across this KAL and are so upset. I don't think that Janis (and I don't know her at all) meant to be purposely cruel. You and I truly understand what being "special" means and the struggle that is life for someone handicapped. Unless it has touched your life, you don't know. It was insensitve and, in my opinion unnecessary, but maybe your blog will help open a few eyes. I completely understand your anger, but let it go. Hug your sister, try to educate people to the truth of the handicapped life and try not to be bitter. I think Janis learned something important and maybe the rest of those in the KAL will too.


Chris said...

It's truly sad how people cannot even show the smallest amount of kindness and empathy. As a child of a Mom who taught special needs kids I always was taught to accept anyone and not make fun of their abilities.