February 16, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 6

Olly M. Pic, Star reporter for the New Yarn Times here, to fill you in on all the exciting Knitting Olympic news!

It’s been a great run so far in the first ever Knitting Olympics. The Cabled events are progressing nicely, though there have been a few dramatic twists and turns. The Doubles events are, as always, inspiring as knitters everywhere resist the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome and work diligently to finish the pair.

But let’s take a moment to meet the real Cinderella story of the Knitting Olympics, young Kelly H. I had the honor of interviewing this determined knitlete and never has there been a more inspiring story.

Olly: Thank you again for taking the time to talk with us.

Kelly: Not at all, not at all.

O: So the first days of the Knitting Olympics were a hard time for you. Can you share the details with us?

K: Well to be frank, what happened was that I over estimated myself. I was coming off the joyous high of having knit a shawl in a single week, so I decided to truly challenge myself and, rather than doing the scarf I had intended, I switched, last minute, to the Kiri Shawl.

O: A daring move…

K: You’re telling me! I’d never done a single stitch of lace before I cast on. By the end of Monday, I’m ashamed to admit, I had given up. Quit.

O: And yet you didn’t publicly resign from the games… why?

K: Well the reason I had quit was because I was so… intimidated by the other knitletes around me. One remarkable knitter had almost finished her entire sweater by the end of the first weekend! How could I contend with that? But I didn’t publicly resign because I was ashamed. Ashamed to admit that some lace weight yarn had beaten me.

O: And now?

K: Now… now I am unafraid to stand up and say: Fellow Knitletes, I WILL make it! I will finish this shawl, come hell or high water! No maroon lace weight merino will make a quitter out of me!

O: But we’re now far into the games, with only 10 full days left. And you and I both know that you have a long overdue Christmas scarf that has to be finished by Saturday. So there’s another few nights lost.

K: It doesn’t matter Olly. What matters is that I am determined to have this shawl finished, blocking and all, before that flame goes out! I’ve got the accursed scarf in my bag and I will work on it all through lunch for the next two days. I will dedicate my nights to finishing Kiri. I will do it! I will become a gold medal knitter!

And so, fond readers, this reporter is delighted to inform you that Kelly’s passion and drive has been relit and her determination is unwavering. I’ll give you follow-up reports on her progress throughout the remaining days of the Knitting Olympics.

Until then, I remain your humble journalist, Olly M. Pic.


Krysia said...

Good for you, Kelly. I just heard a great tip. Run a piece of yarn through your stitches on the needle. In case you need to rip back, you have a life line. Otherwise, you just gently pull it out when you are done.

Chris said...

Go go go go go!

Loved your interview, esp the interviewer's name. :)

If you're talkin' about me, heh, I've slowed down a lot. :D Damn work.

kristinknits said...

You can do it! : ) GO KELLY, GO!

mrspao said...

Go go go! You can do it! I've only knit one third of the pair of socks I'm supposed to be knitting. (And I'm supposed to be helping decorate a bedroom during this time).

Peevish said...

Go Kelly! Go Kelly!

I love Victorian literature too, by the way - who are your favourites?