February 01, 2006

There’s not much that does it….

But I am really, really, REALLY cranky right now.

I work in an office where I am the receptionist; therefore I am basically captive up at the front desk. President hates it when there’s no one up there, so there I stay.

Enter big mass mailing that needs to go out. Somehow, in the warped and twisted brains of the people I work with, it makes sense to have the receptionist, who is supposed to stay up front, package the 150 rolls of blueprints to UPS them out, bearing in mind that all this has to be done in the back room. Yup, we’re making sense now.

In the meantime there are other documents that have to be gotten ready for this mass mailing. Very specific things that I, with my total and complete lack of construction knowledge, have no way to know. So when I ask for help the guy who gave me the work gets all cranky, snotty and, the absolute worst, talks to me like I’m 2 when he does explain. I resist the urge to punch him. (With difficulty.)

I’m sitting up front when the other admin. asst. I work with comes up to me to proclaim that she’s got work to do (typing), that she needs a computer to do it (there are 2 at the front desk actually) and that she absolutely will NOT sit up front because she’s busy (complaining). Then she tells me we should take the young man in training to become a project supervisor and make him do it. I told her no, he’s got his own stuff to do, I haven’t seen him sit down once today. We’ll just have to figure something out together. We are two mature women, we can figure out how to keep the front desk covered.

Ten minutes later my boss walks up, looking both tired, frustrated and annoyed. With me. He tells me that I have to give him more warning when I want him to bring in a temp worker, and couldn’t I just work overtime to get the work done rather than having someone else come in? I’m at a loss, because I certainly didn’t ask for a temp.

Apparently Miss Snit went to our boss and told him that I said we needed someone to come in because I didn’t want to work past 4 and that I refused to work overtime and that I was having a fit about being busy.

I hate office politics.

So now I’m working until whenever o’clock tonight. Meaning I’ll leave whenever I get everything finished. I’m so angry that I’ve reached the point of no return. See I’ve got a wicked bad temper, but I’ve learned to control it so instead of exploding, going on a murderous rampage and losing my job, I’ll just end up sitting in the bathroom crying if anyone else picks on me today.

I’m going to the yarn store at lunch. I’m buying something expensive. Shopping therapy.


Krysia said...

Just keeping reciting time and a half - time and a half. You'll have the extra money for your expensive yarn!

Holly said...

Geez, I hear you and feel your pain. Especially the crying in the bathroom thing. Hang in there and enjoy the extra moola. Let us know what wonders you find on your lunch hour!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Hang in there, hun, you'll get through it... :)

Yarn shopping cures all...

Love ya lots, sweetie,


Chris said...

Don't let the twit get away with it. State your case in lucid, non aggitated and a calm manner. Call her bluff or she will continue to make trouble for you.

Chris said...

Argh. What the other Chris said makes really good sense... beware such people.