February 27, 2006

Things I Learned This Weekend

Things I learned this weekend:


1. The day seems a lot longer when you wake up at 7:45am instead of around noon.
2. Give me a quiet house, some quiet music and some sticks and string and I can finish about half a sock in a few hours.

Saturday Night @ the Hockey Game:

1. When it’s been a month since the last game, I get real hyper real fast.
2. 3000+ people on 2 floors of a Hockey arena doing the wave in 360 degrees, multiple times and in unison is REALLY DAMN COOL.
3. When you offer 2 small boys a nacho, you will soon have no nachos.
4. Seeing your team (Go Wolves!) win 8 – 0 is very exciting.
5. Winning a private lunch with 3 members of the team makes Kelly jump around like a twit.
6. Hockey pucks are a lot heavier than I thought.


1. The day seems a lot shorter when you wake up at 11:45 instead of around 8.
2. Don’t go to Ikea alone when you are buying a dresser. It’s heavy and you have to carry it to your car by yourself.
3. Listening to knitting podcasts while building the above mentioned dresser helps me remain calm and cheerful.
4. All calm and cheerfulness disappears when, while hammering things into place, nails begin to bend and projects collapse.
5. Losing my temper helps me hammer nails better, because I’m hitting to kill.
6. Reading the instructions helps even more.
7. Redoing my closet makes me happy. (Before and after pictures will be posted tonight.)
8. I’ve missed my mom’s mashed potatoes.
9. I HATE picking up stitches for the gusset of a sock.
10. Lilac Blossom candles from Yankee Candle smell like ass when they’re burning.


Chris said...

You won a private lunch with members of the Wolves??? Congrats!

Heh, did you read Cara's post a week or so ago about building an IKEA item? There was a great acronym involved (PISS), but I can't remember what it stood for.

Krysia said...

Thank God! Mental note buy lilac blossom. I have been looking all over for ass scented cadles!

So cool you won a lunch with some of the team! Hockey players are so hot.

Did you see someone had a Wolves banner at the Olympics?! Apparently former Wolves were all over the Olympics!