February 12, 2006

Tripping at the Starting Line

It's no good, no good at all.

The knitting olympics started on Friday, I was stuck at work.

Friday night I headed out to a retreat with my mom. For some reason I remembered a lot of free time with the last retreat.

Saturday I only had 4 hours a free time to knit. Just 4!!!

Sunday we headed home, but I had to do some shopping for the week and get my stuff settled after the trip.

So my Kiri shawl is sadly ignored. It's been worked on, don't get me wrong, but since this is my first lace project things are a little slow going. I've finished the first chart and 2 repeats of the second.

"Well Kelly..." You're probably thinking, "Why are you posting to your blog rather than working on your knitting?"

It's because I'm fighting a migraine. And I'm losing the battle. So I'm thinking bubble bath, Excedrin Migraine and an early bedtime so I wake up fresh, headache free and ready for work tomorrow.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Sending anti-migraine energy your way. I get 'em, so I know how they suck. May there be much knitting in your future! I've done a lot of knitting, and a bit of ripping so far...