March 11, 2006

Bad, Worse, and Worser

Bad: Thursday I was the lucky winner of a 45 minute bitch out session by the woman I'm knitting a sweater for. Because someone else did something to annoy her but she decided that I was the one who deserved to be yelled at.

Worse: Friday the same woman commented "You seemed upset yesterday..." (Um DUH!) So I explained to her that I had felt rather attacked, because I was the one being yelled at even though I was completely without blame. She said "Oh..." and walked away and I figured that was the end of it. Fast forward to later in the day. She approached me and said. "Well I've been thinking a lot about what you said..." (Here I thought I might actually get an apology... silly me.) "Well obviously I can't talk to you unless it's strictly business. So I think we should just keep things entirely professional between us. And, as to the sweater, don't finish it. Don't bother working on it anymore."

How nicely she brushes aside all the HOURS that I've spent working on it because she's had a bad week and I didn't let her use me as her whipping boy. She told me to keep the yarn and use it myself (not likely, it'll be bagged up and put in the garage so when she suddenly demands the $80 she spent, I can give the yarn right back to her)

Worser: My mother and I went out for dinner before we went to see The Hills Have Eyes. Let me give you a brief overview of the movie...

Within the first hour you see:
3 government officials being brutially murdered with a pick ax
1 severed ear in a styrofoam doggybag case
1 man blow his own head off (And I mean you SEE it, head splitting, blood splattering, etc.)
1 man being burned alive
1 teenage girl being dry humped by mutated redneck
Same teenage girl being raped by a different mutated redneck
1 lovebird's head being bitten off and it's blood being drank
1 mutant informing a mother that her baby was "Juicy, plump, oh so delicious"
1 baby being dropped from a full grown man's arms
1 gun being pointed at the baby

This is when we walked out. Apparently horror movies are now defined by how disgusting they are, rather than how actually frightening they might be.

I've never needed a weekend more.


mrspao said...

Oh no! Silly woman. She doesn't deserve a handknit sweater. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Chris said...

Well, on the bright side you don't have to knit any more on that sweater. :D

Yowza, I knew there was a reason I always avoid horror movies. I'm not sure I would've kept dinner down...

Last night my friend Wendy and I went to see this play, which I think was pretty much the absolute opposite of your experience!

Kelly said...

What a crummy weekend. It sounds as if darts went a little smoother. As for the hand knit sweater, I agree with mrspao - silly woman does not deserve a handmade sweater.

Chris said...

So sorry to hear that. Man, you just can't find any good movies anymore. Hope next week is better.

Jennifer said...

I love horror movies, and that being said, I can totally understand why you left. Sadly, a lot of horror movies have become a little more "extreme" in their effects. And while I'm occasionly in the mood for that, I tend to enjoy pyschological horror more, as opposed to "effects."
Horrible sweater woman!