March 07, 2006

This, That, And That Other Thing

First, foremost, most importantly and right off the bat, I would like to say how much it really meant to me that every time I peeked at my e-mail yesterday I had another wonderfully supportive message waiting for me. To all of you, who took a moment to comment on my gloomy musings, thank you. Truly. It meant… so much to me.

I think about the internet and the people I’ve ‘accidentally’ met along my blogging journey and it never fails to amaze me. Follow one little link on someone’s sidebar and you’ve stumbled upon someone you were meant to know. It’s awesome. And I’m very grateful to the blogging community. Miles between us, never meeting face to face, and yet we forge friendships and bonds.

*sniffle sniffle* I love you guys!!

Ok, enough of that mushy shit.

Here’s something fun. Peevish and I are having a little race, to see who can finish the Aran Pocket Shawl from Folk Shawls first. We’re both knitting one for our mummies. Anyone want to place any fiber-based bets? Donate yarn as a first prize? (Second prize could get some too.) Join in on the race? It begins today. First one finished wins. I’ll throw 2 balls of Knit Picks sock yarn out there as a prize. Anyone else?

Sedge way!

I started, before this race challenge came about, a Folk Shawls KAL. (You might have noticed the lame button I made for it on my sidebar). I’m very lonely in my KAL blog all by myself. *insert sad puppy eyes*

I have 3 projects active right now. And they all have 1 thing in common. THEY’RE ALL GRAY!!!

Yup, not a smidgen of color in any of them. Well ok, maybe a smidge in the Socks That Shall Not Be Named, but they’re mostly gray. (I think smidge is going to be my word of the day.)

I got so sick of looking at blah colors that I had to just dump out my wool basket. (I’m a dork and keep my wool separate from other yarns. It’s better than the rest, it doesn’t need to mingle with the mohair and pick up bad habits.) I dumped it out and just admired all the pretty blues and greens and, yes, even the pinks.

I fondled the wool, then rearranged the sock yarn (which is becoming alarmingly piled up since I buy more without finishing what I have. Except for that one pair… that I felted… stupid socks…). Then I continued with my gray projects.

It was foggy as all hell when I got to work. Now it’s clearing up and the sky is turning blue. I feel like bursting into song! Or maybe having a donut…

Kelly + powder sugar donut + black pants = BAD

But will that stop her from having another one? Probably not.

Have a great day everyone!


Chris said...

I think it's funny that Kellie and Kelly are having a knitoff. :)

Hmm, I would further suggest that knitting with all grey could cause depression! You better start a colorful project ASAP. ;)

Heh, no shawls from Folk Shawls are tempting me, sorry. I do have an autographed copy of the book, from when I went to a Cheryl Oberle knitting retreat in Taos a few years ago.

Krysia said...

I have Folk Shawls on my amazon wish list. Since I have banned myself from buying anymore knitting books, I'll have to wait a couple of months until my birthday. Unless Border's will let me get away with using my Educators discount card. HMMM. It technically could be for my classroom.

mrspao said...

To quote a famous American : "mmm dough-nuts".

Got to run the cat is throwing things.