April 18, 2006

Everybody loves an update!!

Lets see… since I posted last Thursday life has just gotten so exciting! Well... maybe not, but I still have some stuff to talk about.

I dropped out of SP8 as a hostess and participant. After posting that my pal ditched me I got a VERY angry e-mail from her calling me greedy and lots of other fun stuff. That pretty much clinched the “I am never doing this again” mentality in my mind. I figured I just wouldn’t make a good hostess when every time I thought about the exchange I scowled or started angrily mumbling things. (Kristin don’t let this dissuade you from participating. I just got a bad pal. I’m positive you’ll get a good one.)

Friday I bought my first pair of rollerblades ever. They’re very nifty, very fast, and I have no idea how in the hell to work the brake. Now before you start thinking I’m too stupid to tip my foot back, it isn’t that sort of brake. You’re supposed to push your foot forward and push your leg down and the back of the skate bends to put pressure on this lever to lower to brake. And I keep trying to use a toe brake… it’s probably hilarious to watch me. All decked out on my pads, going up the drive way, trying to brake as I go down it, jumping into the grass to stop myself from barreling into the street, going back up to start again.

Also on Friday I did something very spontaneous and random. Casey and Squirt had just left from a visit and I was all stretched out on the couch, thinking maybe I would take a nap. Instead I got my lazy bum up and took a walk. A 3 mile walk. To Best Buy and back again. Didn’t bring my iPod, just walked and let my mind wander. I wanted to buy a specific movie, which they didn’t have, so I ended up wandering around the store for nearly an hour trying to figure out what I could buy to reward myself for taking such a long walk. In the end I bought the Indiana Jones boxed set (I love those movies) which was a wee bit more than I was expecting to spend, but oh well.

Saturday was the last Wolves game of the season. *sob* They won, which was cool, there were fights, which was cooler, and everyone who attended got prizes all night long, which was the coolest. I got a team photo, a hockey puck, a hat and a trading card. What I thought was really cool was after the game was over the whole team got on the ice and the captain took the microphone and actually apologized to the fans as a group. Said we deserved a championship team (this is the first time in team history that they didn’t go to the playoffs), that they in no way came close to earning the loyalty and support we gave them all season long, and if we were willing to come back next year they would better earn their fans.

After the game we went to the bar, where this balding 40 year old guy was flirting with me while I was sitting next to my dad. Which is… so wrong. But this guy is winking and grinning and strutting around and stuff. I couldn’t stop laughing and the guy was standing just out of my dad’s field of vision so I think dad thought I was drunk.

Yesterday I stopped on my way home to check out a place called Fitness 19. I pass it every day going to and from work and the name intrigued me. So I looked it up online and it’s exactly what it sounds like. An exercise place where all you pay is $19 a month. Now they say in commercials that there’s no money down. That’s a fib. I signed up for it yesterday and I had to put nearly $100 down for joining fees, processing fee and 1st month’s dues. But they have good equipment, treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers, free weights, and weight machines. The thing that really caught my interest is that you can quit at any time. You just have to give them 30 days notice. No waiting for a year or 2 to pass by before you can stop paying for it.

So I’ve got a gym bag in my car with a change of clothes (think everyone will laugh at me if I don’t have gym shoes when I work out? I’ve yet to buy a pair and all I have are hiking boots) and the plan is to stop every day on my way home from work for about an hour or so.

Mostly the reason for this is because I know that a little 20 minute walk in the morning and crunches twice a day (I’m up to 200 a day!) won’t really help me get into shape. So I figure I’ll start with the cardio and then add in the weights once I get my endurance up a bit.


Krysia said...

Holy Crap, Kell. I am so proud of you and your workout! Your HB is really taking over. Now, if only my HB would get the idea.

I understand about SP. It's supposed to be fun - not a source of anxiety. I would be frustrated too if I spent time, money and energy into making my spoilee happy and my spoiler fell though at the end.

I can't believe the Wolves apologized. I makes me kinda sad. Poor things. As they say, there is always next year.

Deb said...

That cinches it...now I'll never play the SP game. I was on the fence on this one but never having participated I wasn't sure I wanted to. Thanks for helping me decide. Lucky you to have a flirter!!

mrspao said...

Way to go! You sound so positive and I'm so pleased that you got up and went for a 3 mile walk and joined a gym!

Chris said...

You go, Kelly!! Yay!!!

Chris said...

I stay away too long and there's so much to catch up on. First, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate the very persuasive plea you put out for the animal cage liners. Better than I could have done myself. Wait, better than I DID do myself.
Love the bug, NOT! Good luck on your exercise. I just did my first Pilates class tonight. Good thing it's my cousin's wife teaching it, otherwise I might not bother to go back. Oh, and it's free. OK, I am sure I missed something, but got to go!

Debi said...

Unfortunately your SP sounds like the one who put me off SP's forever. She sent me 4 hand made stitch markers for month 1 and a tin of maple syrup (that had the $5 sticker on it)and 2 skeins of Kroy sock yarn for month 2 (and Kroy is the the cheapeast at $3-4 a skein) then I never heard from her again, she never revealed herself. I was concerned since her first 2 gifts were clearly under the $50 minium, her last gift got lost so I waited a month and the hostess gave me her addy...when I contacted her she said and I quote "I didn't send you anything else and I didn't reveal my identity because I like the mystery" WTF? I doubt she spent $20 but it wasnt the $$, it was the attitude! NEVER AGAIN! I'm sorry you had to suffer similar treatment 2 rounds later (mine was SP5) Why on earth do people act that way??

Anyway, they say the best revenge is living well and you clearly are! Congrats on you new lifestyle and resolve!