April 01, 2006

You Show Me Yours...

I'll show you mine baby!
We'll start with the pure wool:


Lace Weight:

Multicolored Merino:

Sock Yarn:


It's a small stash. I didn't photograph my Wool-Ease or the 64 gallon tub of Wal-Mart acrylic yarn that lives in the garage.

So... where's your stash?


Chris said...

That's much more sensible stash for the amount of space I have!!

Dang, that's some bright Koigu you have there. :)

JessaLu said...

Very nice!

mrspao said...

You have such lovely yarn! Gorgeous colours.

Emano said...

Small stash? I guess, compared to some of the others I've seen flashed-- but it's still bigger than mine. And it's so pretty!

thomasina said...

Don't sell yourself short - that's no small accumulation of sock yarn, there!