May 25, 2006

I've Got The Blues, With A Touch Of Ox Blood

Well the votes are in and the winner is….


The yarn will be ordered next week. I’d been planning to buy it today, but something occurred last night that makes any more monetary expenditure seem… unwise.

No, I wasn’t fired, don’t worry. In fact, my boss gave me a random speech this morning about how he hopes I’ll go to college online so I can stay with them as long as possible. He’s so adorable at times.

No what happened last night was that I bought one of these:

I have wanted a papasan chair for as long as I can remember. It’s like sitting in a big, cushy rice bowl. It replaced the chair I stole out of my aunt’s front room. (The for-show-not-for-sitting-room that’s always at the front of houses) It’s wonderfully comfortable and the way I got it home was an adventure in itself.

I got an e-mail from Pier 1 saying they were on clearance. (Why I get e-mails from Pier 1, I do not know…) So I called Casey and asked her if she would meet me at the store and help me load it into my car. Thank all the gods she agreed.

It didn’t fit. Not even a little. Couldn’t get it in the door, in the trunk… there was no way this chair was going home with me. The bowl was just too big.

So we tied it to Casey’s car and she drove it to my house, me following behind with the base, cushions and the ginormous box of yarn from KnitPicks that came that day. I’ve never laughed so hard in my whole damn life. Her car looked like it was wearing a little wooden yarmulke. Other drivers were laughing too.

She’s such a good friend.

So we got in home, rearranged my room a little and now I have my lovely papasan chair. In the fantastic Oxblood color.

Speaking of blood, the final installment of Alone In The Grove is up. Will Chris survive the night? Will the ghost steal her body and escape the cemetery? Will Chaos need a new mommy?


Chris said...

No pictures of the wood yarmulke?! Oh man. I feel deprived.

Off to find out if I live or die...

Krysia said...

Where is the mamasan?

Sorry, I had to.

mrspao said...

Oh I wish you could see me now giggling. I want to see picture of the little convoy for the big chair!

Kelly said...

I love papasans. I have wanted one for a really long time. I used to work at Pier One and resisted then. Maybe no longer.

Kelly said...

Hey we have the same chair ox blood and everything.
Great Kelly's think alike!