May 14, 2006

Just Bead It! Bead It!

Right away, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who left Kari birthday greetings. You cannot imagine how wonderful it was to see her entire face light up when I told her everyone who reads my blog wished her a happy birthday. Didn't light up as much as when her godfather gave her that crisp $50 bill, but it was was pretty damn close. Thank you all so much.

So today I had my beading class at Jo-Ann's. This is what I made:

Here's a closeup of the bracelet, the closeup of the necklace was all blurry:

They're both Mother's Day gifts for my mom, to be given to her in this:

It's just a plain wooden box I bought at Michaels, covered in some brocade fabric that I got at Walmart. It was fun (though the fumes from the glue made me a little giddy) and I'm pleased with how it looks. Here's a closeup of the fabric.

You may have noticed that the box is rather large to have just a necklace and a bracelet inside.

I agree. So I remedied that:

So am I completely obsessed with beading?

Of course not... what would give you that idea?


Peevish said...

Pretty beads! Your mum's going to love that jewellery!

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! I would love to learn to bead.

Chris said...

What a cool box! And I bet your mom's just thrilled with it and the jewelry.

mrspao said...

Those are really pretty! The beads you've chosen are gorgeous

Kelly said...

What a nice gift. I have to admit I am not much of a beader, I am just a little to clumsy.