June 21, 2006

2 Short Adventures

Remember my griping about Amazon.com? Remember me bitching about the book and cd that never arrived? Yeah… still not here.

I called them up on Monday morning, shooting fire from both nostrils I’m sure. I ordered on the 7th! I paid for 3 day shipping! Damnit I wanted my stuff!

It didn’t help my temper AT ALL that the guy who was on the phone with me had a very thick accent, to the point that I had to keep asking him to repeat himself because I had no idea what he was saying. Then he put me on hold. For 10 minutes. He is SO lucky he picked up the phone and began stammering apologies for it taking so long.

Then he told me that their records showed that the package had been delivered. I just about reached into the phone and throttled him. Instead I told him that I didn’t have it, that the USPS didn’t acknowledge that it ever received the package to be shipped and that the money was taken out of my account and I wanted my damn order. NOW.

So they’re reshipping, for free, and bumped me up to 2 day shipping. (It took a lot of restraint for me to not demand that I get it overnighted, or that the damn owner of Amazon.com come and deliver it to me themselves, on a little velvet pillow) UPS says that it should be here today. Woe unto Amazon if it doesn’t arrive.

Second adventure:

Last night I had to go shopping for a new television and a new stand because of outside issues (read: family crap) so my dad and I skipped merrily off to, as he put it, Wal-Fart to check out their selection. I decided on a 20 inch tv and this black stand. We had everything loaded up and were ready to go when the fire alarm went off. We were evacuated from the store and the fire department arrived to save the day.

On a side note, I was appalled at how many people just walked out with stuff and left with it. Grown people just leaving with cds and dvds and whatever else they could slip out the door with. Do people rally suck that badly?

Anyways, so we stood around, in the rain, for a few minutes before deciding to hit Best Buy instead. Dad was joking about how if the fire alarm went off there, we were done for the night. Not 2 seconds later an alarm did go off, but it was the sensors in the front. It was pretty funny though. So I looked through the tvs and ended up picking out a snazzy 24 inch, but their stands sucked. So we took the TV home and then headed out to Ikea. OF COURSE they didn’t have what I wanted, so I had to settle for something else, but it ended up looking quite nice. (Why did no one tell me how expensive it is to be an adult? Seriously… it’s just not fair.) Dad stayed to help me build the stand and by the time I got everything settled and put away it was time for my tired ass to be in bed.

In knitting news, I finished the body of the monkey, but I still need to make the arms and legs. I’m thinking that the body probably should have been done in the round, but it’s far too late to correct that. The arms and legs (and tail) are something like 24 stitches and 100 rows each. This is one ginormous monkey. Sadly no Tiny Tunas have been knit up. I bought 4 skeins of Wool-Ease in red, yellow, purple and red with speckles in it, and a bag of organic catnip. I just need to pick up the needles and start working on them.

In reading news, I’m still going strong with IT. I’m about halfway through the book, though between lunch today and a quiet house tonight I really hope to get close enough to the end that I can finish it by Friday.

In biking news, the weather has been too crappy for any good rides, and today is no exception. Thunderstorms are scheduled all day today and tomorrow. So for right now the mileage is stuck at 19 miles.


Deb said...

The answer to you question "Do people really suck that bad?" ... after what my sister just went through ... YES!!!

Chris said...

Wow, all sorts of excitement... Heh, yeah, this being a grown-up is pricey, isn't it? Although I just notice it when I'm not buying books or yarn...

Peevish said...

Oooh! Is it my monkey??

Melissa said...

All that for a TV and stand??? LOL! Hope it lasts a long time for you!