June 29, 2006

Hi! I Missed You! HELP!!!

I feel like it’s been forever!

Ok… it’s been 8 days, but that’s almost forever.

Stuff has been good over at Chez Kelly. Not exactly tons of knitting going on, but I do have a dilemma for which I present to the group at large:

I used the long tail cast on method to start a shawl (the Japanese shawl from Folk Shawls) and was merrily knitting away at the pattern when I noticed that my cast on edge was pulling the bottom of my knitting in, as if I’d cast on too tightly. So I gave it a little tug, figuring that it would just stretch out.


The yarn snapped, so now I have 5 or 6 stitches on the bottom that are fully exposed and in danger of unraveling. So what do I do? Do I remove the rest of the yarn, pick up the stitches and bind them off? Do I remove the yarn, take a darning needle and carefully stitch through so it’s all closed off. Do I utter a loud scream, assume my work is lost and start over from scratch? I would lose 3 days of work if I frogged it all and started over. 4 days really, cause I wouldn’t have the heart to frog and restart all in one night.


In other news, Kari and I are camping out on Friday. Ok true, we’re camping out in the back yard in a tent, but we’re taking small steps people. We’re going to have a night of fun festive sleeping on rocks and roasting marshmallows for smores. Kari is all about the smores. Then Saturday morning is the day where handicapped kids get to ride on all the carnival rides for free at Frontier Days (the local spiffy 4th of July fair), so I’m taking her there, then we’ll head out for a picnic lunch, then we’re off to Lake Arlington for paddle boating. It should be a really fun couple of days. Then Saturday night I’m babysitting Zoe so her mummy can go out on a date.

Even more exciting then that, I bought my plane tickets to Vegas! I’ll be heading out there on Saturday, September 9th and heading home the 16th. 8 fun filled days of Sin City Spectacularness.


Dana said...

I think if you try pretending the stitches that are still on yarn are on scrap yarn and pick them up on a needle and then bind off you should be ok. Obviously you have to pick up the loose ones too, but you get the idea.

Good luck.

Deb said...

You are such a good and devoted big sister! I hope you guys have fun on the camp out and carnival rides. TAke an extra spin on the Tilt-O-Whirl!!

Peevish said...

Cool!! Do they have yarn shops in Vegas?

Chris said...

Picking up all the stitches along the button and binding off has the added benefit of giving you matching bottom and top edges.

Oh, have fun with Kari! And more about Las Vegas, please? Have you been before? What are you going to do? Just gamble?