June 12, 2006

The Sound of Silence

I’ve been a fairly quiet blogger as of late. I have to admit that the uproar in my family over the post about my brother has left me a little gun-shy about writing anything, which I know is really stupid. So I remedy that right now.

Saturday I headed out to Chicago (which is a big deal for a suburban gal like me. Ask Krysia, she can vouch for/laugh at me) for World Wide Knit in Public Day. It was actually a really good time and I made some great progress on my Kyoto sweater.

I was surprised at how many people showed up. The Tribune showed up to take some pictures (I was in one of them!) and 2 news crews came out to film, but didn’t seem too worried about interviewing us. They just filmed from afar.

Also, evil me, about a week ago I got a great package in the mail from Kelly over at Knittin’ Yarns, my fabulous needle case that she made as a prize for her blogiversary, along with 2 skeins of sock yarn from Knit Picks! It’s absolutely beautiful and I loaded it up with my needles the moment it came in the mail. Thank you so much Kelly!!! And it was wrapped in the CUTEST monkey wrapping paper, I couldn’t bear to throw it away so it’s carefully folded up and tucked away.

Aside from my Kyoto, I’ve been working on 2 socks. One of them is from a pattern off of Knit Picks, where you do 2 stranded fair isle, one solid and one self striping yarn, and end up with this awesome looking pair of socks. I’m nearly finished with the cuff of the first sock and I have to say… I now know why people who knit fair isle fall in love with it. It’s just addictive, it really is. I’m starting to eye the fair isle cardigan kit from Knit Picks. Or that groovy purple fair isle vest. Someone shoot me before I buy it.

The other sock is just a boring 2x2 rib, mostly something to work on at stop lights and train crossings and whatnot. Not even really worth a photo.

In more active news, my dad and I spent the better part of Sunday getting my bike ready to be ridden. This thing is ancient. And I do mean ancient. It was actually a gift from my brother, a long long time ago, in a galaxy far away, and I haven’t ridden it in years. Didn’t ride it much at all really, considering that it’s about 8 years old and doesn’t even need new wheels. But we lubed it up, added this really cool speedometer thing that measures how long/fast/far you ride, new hand grips, a new seat (bigger for my bigger ass), a water bottle holder and a spiffy new lock. A lock that has a key with a clock on it. Oh yeah… it’s all about the high tech doodads baby. Tonight after therapy I plan to go for a nice, long ride.

(I’m not going to post a picture of my bike, because it’s a psycho sort of teal and the paint is all cracked and you’ll all laugh at me and then I’d cry.)

Speaking of clocks… my watch battery died sometime last week, possibly the week before. I’m still wearing it. It’s stuck on 7:11 and it gets annoying when I glance down at it and feel all confused. I have a new battery for it in my purse, but I always forget to change it. So I’m living in the world of perpetual 7 o’clock. Maybe I’m just waiting to change the battery when I won’t have to change the time. Or maybe I’m just really lazy. The pile of laundry on my bedroom floor makes me think it’s more the second then the first. Though the first kinda plays right into the second. Maybe it’s both…

I’ve also developed this really, REALLY weird habit. I pop in a movie, watch it all the way until the ending, then stop it and start a different one. Par example:

Watching Goblet of Fire. Voldemort has just appeared from the cauldron and is talking to his evil Death Nibblers, which is my favorite part. I stop it, start watching My Fair Lady. I get to my favorite song, Without You, and I stop it, switching over to Sixth Sense. Stop that one just before the big secret plot twist that everyone and their Uncle Bob knows about, toss in She Creature, turn that off before I can even hit play and switch it for something else. I know part of the problem is that I want to watch Finding Nemo, but the disc is missing from the case and I have no idea where it went. My Legend of Zorro is missing too. I think there’s an evil DVD gnome in my room.

I didn’t even finish Return of the King, the extended version, last night. But it was close to midnight and I was damned tired. Plus I’d seen almost all of it. And I realized that no matter how many times I see that movie, Frodo getting stabbed by Shelob will ALWAYS be funny to me. Because I hate Frodo. And he makes really funny faces while he’s dying. And had anyone else noticed that he looks kinda like an evil troll at the end when he says “The ring is mine.” And starts to put it on his finger? I swear his nose isn’t that pointy through the entire movie.

Wow… for someone who was a little gunshy about writing I certainly did a lot of it, huh?

Oh yeah, the really important thing. Grandpa is doing great, they sent him home on Saturday and he seems in high spirits. Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and good thoughts. I’m positive that they helped in such a speedy recovery. Thank you all!


Peevish said...

Ooooh, make the Knitpicks vest!! I love that thing, but of course they won't ship overseas (grrrrr). So I could watch you do it, which would be the next best thing!

Chris said...

Wow, you have been busy, even if you were quiet! You go, girl. :)

Very cool WWKIP pictures! And cool about your bike! I'm being a total biking slug this year - you'll probably ride me into the ground. :D

mrspao said...

Oooh, you are the DVD equivalent of a channel hopper :)

I loved the photos of the Knit in Public day - if I'd been well enough on Saturday I would have gone out and knitted somewhere too.

Kelly said...

Wow looks like fun WWKIP. I lonly got a chance to knit at the laundry mat.

Melissa said...

WOW at the long post. I understand being gun shy. It is my ultimate worry that something I say on here will get to the wrong hands. I find that I end up screening myself and I hate that.
Looks like a fun KIP group. Good for y'all.
Glad your grandfather is doing better.