June 19, 2006

Sun, Shopping, Soreness and the Never Ending Sunday

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Raspberries! – The Devil’s Fruit
“You can bet your soul you won’t eat just one!”

So Saturday I was going to meet Casey at the mall for a bit of shopping. I decided, as part of my “Save Some Gas, Lose Some Ass” summer, to ride my bike there. So I did, 7 miles round trip, in 90 degree weather. The ride there wasn’t that bad, but when I headed home (Casey called and switched malls on me, I nearly strangled her) it was just nasty hot. And that chocolate shake I’d treated myself to at lunch, oh yeah I could FEEL it curdling in my stomach. Ugh.

She was waiting for me when I got back to my house. So I parked my bike and hopped into her car and we, along with Squirt, zoomed off to the other, bigger, mall. Our first, and practically only, stop was at JC Penny’s. WHY did no one tell me that they have such great clearance and sales and stuff? WHY was I made to believe that it was a hoighty toity store for rich people?

I bought myself:
4 pairs of pants – 2 jean and 2 khaki
3 shirts
1 vest – I’ve been looking for one FOREVER
1 skirt – It’s so cute I may actually post a picture of me in it for all to see.

Ok, go head and guess how much I spent. Leave a comment, I’ll post the right answer tomorrow.

Now Casey and I were at the mall from about 3 until around 8. Add that much walking and standing to the 7 mile bike ride and that equals a very sore knee for Kelly. My Dad, generous fellow that he is, let me inherit his bad knees and my right one was screaming at me all night and into Sunday. Good times. It’s better now though. Now my left calf is signing the blues. I think a good ride tonight will fix that (or make it worse, whichever).

Sunday… did anyone else have the same experience on Sunday that I did? I swear that each minute was actually 5, each hour was probably 2 and the day lasted as long as an entire weekend. Not that I’m complaining, I loved it. Went shopping (for food, not more clothes, though I did pick up another 2 shirts, you can never have too many shirts people!), got home, made lunch, knit, did some laundry, knit, rearranged my closet, knit, watched a movie, knit, baked a cake, knit, read some, knit, watched another movie, knit, went to visit my dad (poor Daddy got sick on Father’s day. Had a 100.6 fever and everything), went home and knit, chatted on the ‘net with a pal, made dinner, watched another movie, knit, went to sleep. (Without eating any of my cake, I might add. I was sad when I realized I’d forgotten about my cake.)

As to the raspberry comment above… there is nothing in the world I love better then fresh, ripe, delicious, tart, tangy, melt in your mouth and stain your fingers red RASPBERRIES. Let’s just say that I’ve eaten 1 and a half dry pints of raspberries in the past 2 days and leave it at that.


pao said...

Two guineas, 4 pounds, 6 shillings and thrupence?

mrspao said...

Mmm raspberries. I reckon you spent about 150 US as clothes were definitely cheaper there than they are here.

Seven miles is excellent - well done you!

Melissa said...

I love raspberries!
I bet you spent 90 bucks!
Good job on the bike riding.

Chris said...

$63.00 - Penney's has SERIOUS sales.

Sounds like a fabulous weekend - can you share your secret for stretching a Sunday like that?! :)

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Yeah, I'd agree, somewhere around $60.

Glad you had a good time, hun!

TTYL, love ya lots!

Anna :)