July 07, 2006

Gather Ye Lords and Ladies Fair…

Come with me to the Renaissance Faire!

Yea, tis true. The time is nigh for the faire. Yearly do I long for the majesty, the beauty, the magic of the faire and lo, the hour is nearly upon us.

Ok, typing like that takes far too much conscious thought.

So yeah, the Ren Faire starts tomorrow and I CANNOT wait! I go every year but because I used to work in retail (urgh) I could only ever manage/afford to go once or twice. Taking off a Saturday or a Sunday at my work was like asking my manager to cut off one of her arms, and then I was out the money, because she would never put me on the schedule somewhere else to make up the time. And taking a vacation day was twice as hard as requesting a day off. They would just never pay you for it but they’d take away the time from your vacation so you were screwed either way.

But this year… THIS year is going to be different. I work full time now, I have every weekend off, and I’m not making barely over minimum wage. So this year I’m getting a season ticket. This year I’m going to go at least 7, hopefully more times. THIS year I’m getting a NEW COSTUME!!! But not only a new costume, I’m getting the costume I’ve been drooling over for the past 3 years. Finally it shall be mine. ALL MINE!!!!

This weekend is opening weekend and I am going to be there. Not once but twice. Tomorrow myself and 2 others are dressing up (which is why the group is so small, it was either rent a costume or you can’t go) and heading out to the faire. It should be amusing because Casey, Zoe’s mummy, is borrowing a previous costume of mine (It’s actually the dress my mother bought me for my 18th and a corset that I bought myself, but it looks pretty damn Renaissance/gothic). Ben is wearing (probably) a Friar Tuck costume of his dad’s and I’m going to be wearing jeans and a tee-shirt because the first thing we’re doing is heading over to the shoppe to buy my new costume. *Happy Kelly Dance* I’m fairly certain that it’s back by the jousts. I’ll get my bearings once we’re in the faire itself.

Sunday I’m going with Bob. Yes, I’ve decided to give him at least a week before I run screaming into the hills. I had dinner with him last night (he cooked AND did the dishes) and things were nice. He was a complete gentleman. He even had a gift for me. Well two gifts really. One was a burned CD but the other was this really cool gargoyle candle holder. I had mentioned offhand that I collected gargoyles so he went out and bought me one. He played cheesy music and we danced in his living room (I think I hurt his feelings a little because he’s trying to be all romantic and I just kept laughing at the sheer dorkiness of it all.) Anyways I was rambling on and on about the faire during our first date and he asked if I would let him take me. Then he offered to rent himself a costume so we could be all dressed up together. Tonight we’re double-dating with Casey and her new squeeze, going to see Pirates 2 so I’m curious to see what she thinks of him.

So at some point I promise I’ll post pictures of my old costume vs. the new one. The new one is going to be SO sexy compared to the frumpy one I used to wear. I’ll also post some pictures of my knitting, cause I have been knitting. Not much, but a little every day or so. I started a shawl for myself for Vegas and… wait for it… it’s pink.

I know, I know… I don’t believe it myself. I’m knitting myself something with pink it in. No, I’m knitting something for myself that’s pink with a little blue it in. But it’s mostly pink. Pink is evil! But I think it’ll look really cute with jeans and a blue shirt underneath, perfect for chasing away nighttime chills in Sin City. Someone give Hitler a pair of ice skates because surely hell has frozen over.


Chris said...

How fun re the Faire and the new costume! Yes, yes, pictures will be good.

And hope Sunday with Bob goes well - it sounds promising. :)

Holly said...

We're going to the faire the 22nd or 23rd. Perhaps I will see you there!

Krysia said...

Can't wait to see pictures of you in your new costume!

And I CAN'T BELIEVE your knitting pink! Are those flying pigs I see?

Peevish said...

oooh!! What type of garb?? Pictures! Immediately!