July 28, 2006

She’s Alive!!!

Not only am I alive, I’ve been knitting.

I know… hard to imagine huh? Well it’ll get harder, I don’t have any pictures.

This week has been flippy. Monday I had to work late, Tuesday I had my rescheduled therapy, Wednesday someone inflated 5 or 6 beach balls up my nose and I actually left work after only an hour and 45 minutes (when you stop moving and the heat from your fever builds up around you, you know it’s time to call it a day) and last night I had to run out to buy bleach for my Ren Faire shirt which turned pink in the wash, and silver polish for the silver goblet I’m going to start bringing to carry my water around in. Tonight I’m going to lock my bedroom door, knit my sock and ignore the world.

This weekend is going to be a blast, I know it. I’m going to the faire alone both days, which means I’ll really be able to hang out in the Friends of the Faire garden and meet people. The Pirate themed costume contest that was scheduled for Saturday got moved to Sunday, it should be a great time. No, I’m not competing in it. My costume is VERY plain compared to others’. Some have swords and daggers and guns and stuff like that. Most have characters built up around the costume. All I have is the clothes, the hat, a few beaded trinkets I’ve made and Ralph, a cute little pirate rubber ducky whose picture will not load.

Ralph was given to me by a very tall pirate gentleman during the Friends of the Faire feast. I was walking past and he peered down at my, ahem, grand canyon and informed me “You don’t have a duck!” I was, needless to say, confused and offered my apologies for not having a duck. He produced Ralph from a little bag and handed him to me. “Well go ahead, tuck him in there.”

So Ralph spent the rest of the day in the promised land. But every time I took a deep breath he would rather literally pop out and go flying. It was quite amusing to have people blurt out “My god she’s got a duck!” Later in the day I discovered that he squirts water. I had FAR too much fun squirting the people I was with. Now Ralph lives on my dashboard and guards my car from buccaneers.

What? You want to hear about knitting? You’re sick to death of the Renaissance Faire? Well ok, I guess I can talk about knitting for a while. Geeze… it’s not like this is a knitting blog or anything.

I’m working on a couple projects that I hope to have finished in time for my trip to Vegas in September. 43 Days to go!!!

I’m working on a pair of socks, well the first sock in a pair of socks, and two shawls. One in super soft alpaca and one in lace weight merino. I don’t think I’ll have the lace weight shawl done in time but a girl can dream, right?

Re: The Vegas Trip – please allow me to brag for a few moments. I’ll be flying out on September 9th and returning home on the 16th. I’m meeting up with a friend there. We’ll be staying at the BEAUTIFUL Orleans hotel, located just a short shuttle ride from the strip.

We were immensely lucky enough to get close flights. I’ll be landing (barring delays) 20 minutes before my friend and when we leave, my plane takes off 5 minutes after hers. Since we both booked flights leaving at silly o’clock, as the lovely MrsPao puts it, we’ll have all day Saturday, all week, then a chance to have a nice breakfast Saturday again before heading to the airport. Our hotel room is going to cost us a scant $300 each for a 2 bed room for 7 nights. The hotel itself is beautiful, all decked out like it’s Mardi Gras. I’ve stayed there once before. I’m stealing my father’s camera when I go so I promised lots of photos of Sin City.

Oh yes, one other thing. Remember the Ghardettos Surprise? I got a letter from General Mills in the mail the other day with 4 vouchers for products worth up to $6 each. Oh goody, coupons for FREE bug infested food.


Chris said...

Hee hee - what's not to like about getting free buggy food?! ;)

You have been SO busy! Looking forward to seeing a picture of Ralph...

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

I want to see Ralph, too! :)

Have a great time this weekend, hun, talk to you next week!

Love ya lots,

Anna :)