August 23, 2006

Customer Disservice

The Jo-Ann's right by my house is obviously NOT at all interested in earning my loyalty as a customer.

Twice now I've gone over there with a specific object in mind and both times they've been sold out.

The first item was a row counter. One of those spiffy clicky ones instead of the ones you have to twist. Well the spot was empty so I found an employee to see if maybe they had some in the back. It went something like this:

Me: Excuse me, but do you have any more of the row counters?

Employee: *looks at empty peg in the aisle* Doesn't look like it...

M: Well... can you check please?

E: *scans the price tag with some weird little gun thing* Well the computer says we have 9 in stock. They're probably still in back waiting to be put on the shelf...

M: ......... Can you go get me one?

E: No, I'm really busy right now. *walks away*

The scariest part... he was the manager.

So today I went in to get a punch needle. Of course the spot was empty so I got an employee to double check.

Employee: Yeah, we're out of stock.

Me: Are there some on order?

E: *checks the computer thing* Well the last time we got some in was in July.

M: And that's truely fascinating. But when will you get some in?

E: Well see, we don't exactly order. We wait for our computer to run a zero count check and then it orders for us once a month.

M: I see, so what you're telling me is to go to Michael's. Thanks.

What kind of an ass backwards store doesn't order when they see an empty slot? I'm so disgusted with the whole store. Close or not, I'm done with them.


Holly said...

Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much I hate that store. There are never enough staff to give you any help and the store is so over stocked with junk that you can't fight your way past the carts and strollers and stuff to find what they don't have anyway. UGH. I never go there anymore for anything and my business is sewing.

Anonymous said...

I hate bad customer service more than anything. There is one Joann's here that I love because the people are friendly and know what they are talking about BUT, their yarn selection sucks. I only go there for fabric.
The Joann around here that has all the yarn has really rude people (or ignorant ones) working there. Except for the two men! I love when they are working because they are friendly and helpful, although they usually only work the register.
Yeah, I'd go to Michaels or order online if I were you.

mrspao said...

Oh dear - that is awful. They don't seem to want your custom.

Chris said...

Ok, the first incident is just crazy!! I think I'd just not go there anymore... why give them any money at all?!

Diane said...

Sounded like they were sending you over to Michael's to me. Can you even imagine?

Peevish said...

Sounds like a system designed not to overtax their mentally challenged staff!

Leah said...

I hate that!! Why can't people just put a tiny bit of effort into life?

Well, I hope you found what you needed at Michaels!! :)

Tygher Knits said...

If I ever was treated that way at a store .. by the manager no less, I'd be asking for the district manager's name and number. And I would call him, bitching.