October 10, 2006

Hats Off!! - Take 2

I finished the hat that I was working on over the weekend, to match that very crazy striped scarf.

(Don't you just love the very sexy mirror shot of me in my robe and Spongebob PJs? Yeah... you know you're jealous.)

Since cold weather is fast coming (we have snow flurries already showing up in the weather predictions) I decided to dig out all of my hats.

I absolutely love hats. It's probably one of the few peices of clothing that I actually think I look decient in. I've knit a fair few of them and bought a few as well. Since the first mirror shot turned out not horrible I decided to model all of my hats.

Black cable knit hat from SnB Nation.

2x2 rib hat made in, I think, Noro.

Autographed Wolves cap. This is my usual weekend headgear.

Probably my favorite winter hat. Made of Caron Simply Soft Brites, I made up the stripe pattern and just sort of winged the whole hat.

Cabled Newsboy hat from SnB Nation.

Red bucket hat. I don't wear this one much anymore. The button on it says Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum, which translates to I think I think therefore I think I am.

Are my smiles getting fake enough yet? Hehe this was actually $1 on clearance and I couldn't pass it up.

This was my first time using alpaca yarn. I was absolutely heartbroken when I pulled the hat on and it looked like this.

When I rolled up the brim my loving family brust out into laughter and informed me that it looked like I had a condom on my head. But damnit, I wear that condom with pride during winter.

I love hats. Plain and simple. In fact... I think I have some Kureyon that I could cast on for another one...


Dana said...

Love all the hats! It makes me want to make another one...for ME. I always seem to be making them for everyone else.

Thanks for sharing!

mrspao said...

I love your hats :)

Diane said...

If I could type I'd tell you that you've got a lovely hat collection. Unfortunately I'm laughing so hard about your condom hat I can hardly see the keyboard.

Leah said...

Great hats!! I need to knit a hat!

Chris said...

You're lucky you look cute in hats!! I wish I did...