October 01, 2006

Of Karaoke and Drinking Alone

Went to the bar by myself tonight.

Is there anything more pathetic than drinking alone?

It would appear that there is. At least for me.

Having the 45 year old man come over, tell me I'm "So pure, so... vibrating*." and then ask, and I kid you not this is exactly what he said to me "Is there any way I could pick you up tonight? Get you to go home with me?"

So I guess I looked pure AND slutty at the same time. Damn I'm talented.

Though I have to say I kicked ass at Karaoke tonight. Sang 2 songs and had a blast. And of the 4 drinks that I had tonight, I only paid for 1, so yay to the boobs for doing their job.

*Now... I'm assuming he meant vibrant but couldn't think of the word. Though he and his friends had been drinking quite a bit so for all I know, I could have been vibrating to him.


mrspao said...


Chris said...

That guy just sounds TOO CREEPY...

Peevish said...


Dana said...

Ummmm, ewwww, you poor thing!