October 22, 2006

Special Guest Blogger!!

Hi, it's me Kari! I spent the weekend with Kelly and I spent ALL her money!! My dad dropped me off at her house on the way to bowling. We decided to go out to the craft store because Kelly is going to knit me a scarf and hat for Christmas. I bought a fuzzy poster and 2 foam projects. I am going to do the projects tomorrow. Kelly was going to make me a loopy scarf with a kit that her friend Mrs. Pao sent to her from England. She said in a letter that she thought we would have fun with it.

We did!!

After we got home from the store Kelly let me decorate a little pumpkin that she'd bought. I decided to make Kari-pumpkin. Isn't she cute?

We ordered pizza and were playing school and we made a HUGE mess on the table.

I must have had too much soda because I kept getting the giggles and I just couldn't stop laughing!

On Saturday we went to the mall, then we went back home because Kelly forgot her wallet, then I had to sit in the car for about a half an hour because Kelly realized her credit card had been stolen* then we finally went back to the mall to eat and then we headed to my FAVORITE store. Paint 'N Party, where you buy little statues and paint them. Here I am working on mine, which was a unicorn against a rainbow.

Here's Kelly's little ghost man that she painted. Her's was soo much smaller than mine but she's SOOO slow that it took her just as long! The TAPS on the ghost's hat is from her favorite TV show GhostHunters.

A guy asked me out at the mall but I think he was too old for me. What do you think?

While at the store Kelly and I got matching sweaters because we're both dorks. They're blue hooded sweaters. Kelly says they have cables, whatever those are.

Saturday night Kelly made us a nice spaghetti dinner with lots of garlic bread and cold milk. But I was a poop and didn't eat all of mine.

Sunday morning she was going to make pancakes. Unfortunatly she can't really cook anything EXCEPT spaghetti. The pancakes were so bad that the plate broke!! I guess I don't get any breakfast today!

I just hope she doesn't blow up the house when she tries to make me lunch!

Well I'm off to go goof around and make more of a mess for Kelly to have to clean up! See you next time!

*There were only 2 small charges on the card after the last time I used it and Capital One said I wasn't liable for those charges. The guy was very nice and all was settled within 20 minutes on the phone.


Chris said...

Kari, It sounds like a great day! Hope Kelly doesn't have too much hassle from the stolen card. What a bummer. I love your matching sweaters!! And I simple adore cables.

Leah said...

It looks like you guys had a great day! I love your pumpkin & Kelly's ghost! Very cool!

Chris said...

Sounds (and looks) like you had a lot of fun!

Peevish said...

WOw, that looks like it was a fun weekend!