November 10, 2006

24 Things For 24 Years

I’m 24 years old today! Hurray for being almost half-way to 50!!! To celebrate here are 24 random things about me:

1) I was the only child in my immediately family born “normal” i.e. I didn’t need hospitalization after I was born. It’s a standing joke now that “She was born normal, no one knows how she ended up so weird…”

2) I write and eat left handed, but do everything else with my right hand.

3) My poor mom spent her birthday (Nov 9th) in the hospital and didn’t let the doctors deliver me until after midnight so that I could have my own day.

4) I started my first job two days after my 15th birthday, my first paycheck was for $73.86. I have never been without a job since.

5) I got accepted into college yesterday!

6) I’ve been single for, good god, going on 5 years? Life is so much easier that way…

7) I’ve been knitting for 3 years. A friend taught me knit and purl. Since then I’ve taught myself lace, socks, fair isle and anything else that’s come along. I’ve never taken an actual class.

8) The closest friend I have is a girl I met in 3rd grade. We’re still like sisters. (Hi Anna!)

9) Looking at my room, you can tell exactly the type of person I am. I have drawings that Kari’s done hanging up, hockey autographs and team photos, some Pre-Raphaelite reproductions, a framed photo of my favorite cemetery, a psychic drawing I had done at the Renaissance Faire and a little dragon/gargoyle guy guarding the doorway. Knitting projects everywhere and books piled in all corners.

10) *giggle* I just got flowers delivered to me at work from mom and dad!

11) My favorite color to wear is light blue, to knit with is either black, purple or green, to decorate with is burgundy and muted green.

12) My music collection consists of classical and soundtracks. And Il Divo. I have both their CDs.

13) 3 foods I will never turn down: A really juicy dill pickle. Mashed Potatoes. Raspberries. (Preferably not mixed all together at the time)

14) I root for the bad guys. Without them there wouldn’t be any good stories.

15) In The Picture of Dorian Grey it is said “It was on the ninth of November, the eve of his own thirty-eighth birthday, as he often remembered afterwards.” (Ok, that one’s not about me but I was still pretty tickled that I share a birthday with a fictional villain. Does anybody know Voldemort’s birthday? Hehehe)

16) I prefer one-on-one. For example, tonight I am going out to dinner with one friend, having a drink with another, then Saturday having dinner with another friend. I don’t like group outings.

17) I love to give gifts, but I get worried after I’ve given them that they actually sucked out loud and the person is just lying to be nice.

18) I’m pretty unforgiving. Once you’ve incurred my wrath it’s nearly impossible to get all the way back into my good graces again. I blame it on being a Scorpio but really it’s just because I’m a bitch.

19) I have a huge block about knitting a sweater. I’m terrified of screwing it up. But I hope to make myself at least two for when I go away, you know, TO COLLEGE, next fall.

20) I’m not a big comedy movie fan. I swing either for horror, fantasy or the occasional sci-fi if it’s not too tech-y.

21) I don’t really like renting movies or borrowing books from the library. I always end up paying a late fee, so I might as well just buy it.

22) If I could have any pet in the world it would be a Parrotlet, the second smallest species of parrot. It can learn 10-15 words, follow simple commands and whistle songs. They don’t screech like the larger parrots and don’t get as bored as easily.

23) If I could be any animal in the world, I would be a shark. Sleek, sexy, deadly…

24) I have six toes on my left foot. Just kidding! I just ran out of stuff to tell you…


mrspao said...

I love reading those :) Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Brandie said...

Happy birthday to you! =)

Debi said...

Intersting tidbits....Happy Birthday Kelly!

Traceyleezle said...

A Very Happy Birthday, super congrats on college, I am the same way with lending institutions...that's why I adore Netflix.

Chris said...

Hope you had a great birthday! And hey, Scorpios kick ass... literally. ;)

Peevish said...

Happy Birthday!!

Diane said...

Happy belated Birthday.