November 03, 2006

No TV, Just A Sock and Some Pirates

Life without TV is… weird. Mostly because I still haven’t figured out what the hell to do with myself without the idiot box flashing pretty pictures to keep me entertained.

Wednesday was easy to get through because I was barely home at all. I got home, flipped through the phonebook and made a few calls then rushed out again. To get my hair chopped. And dyed. It’s way darker than it used to be. I was trying to just grow out my natural color but every time I washed my hair the bottom half got lighter and lighter. I knew it was time when I heard a little girl comment “Mommy I like her hair! I want to have blond at the bottom and brown on top too! For Halloween Mommy! Please!” I’ll post a picture of it tonight if I can take a decent picture. It’s not a lot shorter than it was, maybe 3 inches…

Last night was a little harder, without new hairstyles and a hockey game to listen to on-line I didn’t know what to do with myself. I ended up doing some computer maintenance that badly needed to be done. I deleted a whole bunch of old programs that I don’t use anymore (Rollercoaster Tycoon, Insanaquarium, The Sims, haven’t played any of them in about two years. Honest… really… ok maybe 2 months…) and defragmented and backed up and a whole bunch of things that melted my brain with boredom.*

In between which I knit all of maybe 4 rounds of a cuff of a sock. I am determined to have these damned things done by my birthday. I already have one finished and I’m nearly done with the cuff of the second, and once I get past the cuff it usually keeps my interest for a bit longer. After these I think I’d like to give toe up socks another try. I just need to find a decent pattern that has good instructions for the gusset and heel.

Of course I need to be not knitting for me, since the holidays are fast coming. And I’m trying to finish a cowl for my Mom’s birthday on Thursday. Poor Mom spent her birthday in labor and wouldn’t let the doctors chop me out of her until after midnight so that I could have my own birthday. We’ve got 3 in a row in my family. Mom – 9th, Me – 10th, Uncle J – 11th. A whole bunch of Scorpios, and not one of us is alike.

*Want to know how bored? I listened to the soundtrack for Muppet Treasure Island. Twice. “We’ve got cabin fever, we’re flipping our bandanas, been stuck at sea so long that we have simply gone bananas!” Yeah, that’s stuck in my head now. I think possibly forever. But go ahead…

Tell me he’s not sexy.

Or him.

Or him.

Yeah… that’s right. Pirates are sexy.


mrspao said...

mmmm kermi

Chris said...

Time to head to the gym to use up some of that spare time?! :)