December 12, 2006

Bad Hair Day & Needles On Fire!!!

I had hair issues when I woke up this morning. SERIOUS hair issues. The military was almost called in...Luckily I finished my Santa hat, so I was able to cover the horror up. (Can I just say yay to me for being able to take a picture of myself WHILE talking on the phone?)

I promised pictures of the wreaths I'm making. I'm so pleased with how it turned out considering I completely winged it and got it right on my first try.
I finished 3 pairs of mittens tonight. Ok, ok, they're mini-mittens with only 14 stitches, but still... 3 pairs! Go me!
I found these cute socks at the store the other day and they just HAD to come home with me.
And last, but certainly not least, a not so little present I treated myself to. Happy Christmas Kelly!!


mrspao said...

I'm going to have to use the Santa hat thing!!! But it won't work in February though :(

Chris said...

That hat is cute - and goes nicely with those socks you bought. :) Your needles ARE on fire. And fun treat for yourself!!

Tracey said...

Oh yes, yes, yes, my favorite kind of presents....fibery ones! So, have you been to Macy's yet?

Diane said...

The old santa hat to distract from bad hair trick! Works well.

Love your present to you.

Tink said...

I'm anxiously waiting for my next bad hair day so I can have an excuse to chop it all off. :P

Great wreath!