December 17, 2006

Battle Scars and Yet More Finished Objects

First I'd like to say that you all so much for you kind words. I'm doing much better. The pain is completely gone, though my stomach has been really agitated since Friday. Monday I'll be calling my doctor to set up an appointment to follow up on things. This condition runs in my family, isn't it so generous of my dad to share his bad stomach, bad knee AND bad sense of humor?
This is the lovely bruise that the ER nurse gave me while trying to find one of my shy veins. It's that great blue/green color that looks worse than it feels. The bruise on my wrist where the IV actually was put hurt far worse than this one and you can't even tell it's there.

Hooded scarf that I finished Thursday night. It's a holiday gift for someone and I realy think they're going to like it.

How's this for speedy knitting? I cast this hat on the needles on Saturday afternoon at about 3:30 and finished it up at 11:30 that night. It was gifted today to my brother.

And, as if that wasn't spiffy enough, I finished my last holiday gift this afternoon so I am completely free of stressful knitting.

Ah the freedom... I cast on a sock!


Diane said...

Some parents just stick to passing on their hazel eyes and grandma's old china. LOL. Hope they get things straightened out through the magic of modern medicine and you're back to normal soon.

What's the pattern for the hooded scarf? I can think of 2 people off the top of my head who would love those .... and who I like well enough to make them. hahaha

Chris said...

The hooded scarf is cool!! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better - hopefully the medication helps.

Tracey said...

Oh sheesh, brag brag brag while the rest of us panic and consider a chia pet instead of the promised hand knit socks! Shame!

mrspao said...

Ouch! Those bruises look nasty. Glad to hear you're sounding better!

Lynn said...

For You:
Thanks for adding substance to my blogging year.