January 09, 2007

Poor Poor Daddy

My dad is not having a good year so far.

He got sick with a bad sinus infection.

The alternator and battery died in his new car on his way home sick from work, then the shocks went a couple days later.

He split his head open last night and had to get 2 staples put in. I’m a bad daughter, I sat in the emergency room while they were doing it and laughed hysterically. He refused the numbing medicine and his expressions were great! Luckily the nurse threw the staple gun thing out right away, otherwise I think I might have gotten a few staples on my lips.

But if bad things come in threes, then he’s all done with the bad luck! Which is good news since he and my mom are heading off to Las Vegas on Saturday. Send them both good gambling vibes! Maybe they’ll strike it rich and buy me that yarn store I’ve been hinting at.


Chris said...

*fingers crossed* for your dad!

Diane said...

Sending him some good karma.