January 10, 2007

Robbing the Cradle

I have a not so secret admirer at work. One of the guys brought his son in one morning and, when he got to be annoying, dumped him off on me with a cheerful “Here, annoy Kelly for the rest of the morning.”

He’s a cutie, he really is. I think he’s about 12 years old.

After that morning spent goofing off together I got regular calls.

“Hey Kelly, this is J. Is my dad there?”

“Nope, he’s working at a job site today.”

“Oh… so how are you? What are you up to today?”

A few weeks ago I found a little note on my keyboard:

*I was hear.

From: J.

To: Kelly*

It was so cute I have it hanging up on my desk wall.

This morning I got in to find a picture of him on my keyboard that he wanted me to have. It’s of him in his hockey gear, playing goalie. J’s dad told me what happened when J decided to give me the picture:

Him: “Hey Kelly, how’d you like that picture?”

Me: “Oh I loved it, he’s so adorable. I’m almost done knitting him his hockey hat.”

H: “You’ll get a kick out of this. His sister came up and asked me yesterday what was going on between him and you. I said obviously they like eachother and she was utterly horrified and yelled ‘Isn’t she too OLD for him dad?’”

M: “That’s me, robbing the cradle.”

So I went from the creepy guy twice my age to a boy half my age.

No wonder I’m single….


Chris said...

But it's flattering. :)

Tracey said...

Hee hee, bad girl. NO really it's sweet to be admired so. I used to babysitt this one boy, I was 7 years older than him. He always proposed to me, I had a whole drawer in my jewelry box full of bubble gum machine rings. There have been times in my life (especially now that he's grown up to be HOT) that I wish I had waited for him. *sigh*

mrspao said...

When you're 70 - it won't matter that much...