January 15, 2007

Victorian Lace / Victorian Literature

I’m slowly but resolutely plodding away at my lace shawl from the Victorian Lace Today book that I got for Christmas. (Pictures soon, I promise!) It’s slow going though, mostly because you start with 242 stitches and decrease as you go. And working in trinity stitch isn’t helping the speed to increase any. Billions of bobbles!! But I do love the fabric that it’s producing, just perfect for casual dress over a pair of jeans. The knit on border is going to be interesting though, I’ve never done anything like that before. But I’ve never been afraid to try new things!

I really really hope to have it done by the time I go to Vegas in a month (28 days!) but it’s a little doubtful. I also need to knit up a hat (Ok that’s really only a day of work) and 2 more of the baby doll sweater/hat sets to give to my cousin’s little girls for their birthdays. Ok, maybe if I really work on it every day until I leave…

My newfound love for Sherlock Holmes isn’t helping my knitting progress. Or it wasn’t until I discovered that my library lets you check out and download audiobooks without going to the library! I downloaded the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and have been listening to Watson’s memoirs while I knit.

I think I might be reading a bit too much Holmes though. Twice now I’ve had dreams where I’m smack dab in the middle of a mystery with the pipe smoking detective. And I think I want to make a shirt that says “Baker Street Irregular” on the back.

Obsessive? Me? Now really, just because I reeeeeally want a deer stalker hat and have been contemplating carrying around a bubble pipe doesn’t mean I’m obsessive. Just means I’m an enthusiastic reader.

Doesn’t it?


Chris said...

Oh, you really have to read or listen to Laurie R. King's book The Beekeeper's Apparentice and then the rest of the series!!

For a lighter Holmes-related mystery series, Carole Nelson Douglas' series about Irene Adler starts with Good Night, Mr Holmes.

Peevish said...

Yep, I second Chris - The Beekeeper's Apprentice is a must. Dave is slightly obsessed with Sherlock Holmes as well, and he loved the Laurie R King series.

Maybe we can all get bubble pipes and wear them to dinner before the hockey game....

Samantha said...

I second both of them - The Beekeeper's Apprentice is brilliant!!