February 12, 2007

Recipe for a Head Case


1 Kelly (well aged)
1 Vacation (eagerly anticipated)
1 Winter Storm Warning

Take Kelly and put in microwave for 5 minutes on low, to give her the warm fuzzies.

Add vacation to mixture. Premixed vacations in your grocer’s freezer should come complete with tickets, suitcase, and destination arrangements. If you plan to prepare vacation by hand, add considerable time to preparation.

Let Kelly marinate in the vacation for 1 month. Anticipation will increase. Scrape off any anxiety or stress that may float to the surface and store in fridge for later.

When Kelly has absorbed the entire vacation throw in the Winter Storm Warning and any anxiety or stress that you saved from before. Mix well. For added stress, throw in cramps and monthly hormone imbalances.

Head Case will be prepared within minutes of adding in the Winter Storm Warning. Sit back and enjoy watching the panic attacks.

(See you all next Wednesday!)


Samantha said...

HUG - Try and have a nice time despite the weather!

Chris said...

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Tracey said...

Have fun, send me a post card, hit on cute guys...screw the weather!