February 25, 2007

To The Museum!!!

Took a trip to the museum this Saturday with buddy Anna.

We saw Sue - the biggest and most complete T.Rex skeleton that's been discovered so far.
I usually don't like the pictures I take but I think I'm going to blow this one up to 8x10.

Then we went through the Ancient Egypt exhibit. While roaming the gift shop for treasures I commented to Anna "You know what would I would love? An English translation of the Book of The Dead."

Yeah baybee!!

There was a whole section on birds of the world. Chris... I took these for you:

Other cool exhibits at the Field include the man-eating lions of Tsavo who killed 140 men before they were killed. (They bought the actual pelts from the hunter who shot them.)

Bushman, a gorilla that lived in a Chicago zoo until his death, when he was added to the museum so that future generations could appreciate him as well.

The man eater of Mfuwe, who killed and ate 6 people in a small village.
After devouring his 6th victim the lion paraded through the streets with a bag of the dead man's clothing, roaring and snarling at the villagers, who took this to mean that the lion was a demon or sorcerer in disguise. Due to hunting restrictions the villagers couldn't hunt the lion and had to wait for a commercial hunting safari to take the killer down.

There were things we didn't get to see and I think I may go back in a few weeks to see the rest of the museum.


Diane said...

I love museums!

Chris said...

Thanks for the wading birds pictures!! Very cool. Sue is amazing.

Tracey said...

Oh that museum. OK, cool. I remember watching the movie about those two lions, very creepy. I find it funny that all the man eating lions are female. There's gotta be a joke in there somewhere.

Peevish said...

I lovelovelove the Trex pic!