March 27, 2007

Cute, Cuddly, KAL and Sad

This is the letter that Kari left for me on Sunday after our weekend together.

This is the cute little sheepy guy I knit up this past weekend. I'm going to make another one in grey and black.

He's got the cutest little tail! And I love the instructions for it. "Sew tail to sheep bum."

*Edited to add* I took Sheepyman to work today to show a co-worker and one of the guys saw him and bopped him with an empty water bottle while saying "Kill the rabbit!" He does kinda look like a freaky cross-breed.

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I started a Buffy themed KAL. You know you want to join!

This is the shelf where my fish tank was, up until Monday evening. I got home from work and both my fish were dead. After a short, porcelain burial I dismantled the tank and set it out to the curb. By the next morning someone had taken it. It made me feel good that someone else took the tank, so they could enjoy it the way I had.

I already miss them. My room is so quiet without the air pump and filter, and I'm used to waking up and turning the tank light on right away while they swim up, looking for treats. I keep looking over to watch them swim... but they're gone.

*sniff sniff*

At least I have a new cute cuddly sheep to comfort me.


Chris said...

What a sweet note! And adorable sheep.

Sorry to hear about your fish. :(

Diane said...

Poor Sheepyman. Sorry that your fish went belly up. I've never had much luck with keeping fish alive for long.

Jennifer said...

Awww, I'm sorry about your fish. It sounds like they enjoyed living with you.
I do want to join the Buffy Knit Along! I'm going to check it out right now!

Tracey said...

WalMart 2.5 Minibow aquarium ($25.97)
Small internal 25watt heater ($15.00)
Email me, we will discuss fishless tank cycling.
You know you want to...

Karen said...

Sheep Bum!!!

Sorry about the fish. :-( The note is very sweet.