March 08, 2007

Re: Dog - Sick As A

The dry-erase board on my bedroom door holds a sinister message.

Authorized Personnel Only!!

I am so nasty sick it isn't even funny. I left work after 2 hours on Tuesday, stayed home Wednesday, went in Thursday and left early because I was having trouble breathing.

A happy trip to the doctor and the RX later and I am the proud druggie taking 5, yes 5, different medications to combat my cough, fever, congestion and other fun stuff.

Between the codeine-based cough syrup and the decongestant, I am so loopy I could be a... a.... big knot of yarn. (Be nice to me and my lack of witty comparisons, I'm sick.)

Sleep... it calls to me...


Chris said...

I hope all those drugs help you feel better soon!!

ikkinlala said...

I hope you feel better soon - I've had a bad cough/cold for the past few days, but it doesn't sound like mine is that bad.

Diane said...

Better living through modern medication .... it's the best. Hope you feel well enough to enjoy the weekend.

Tracey said...

Are you a big knot of "fluffy" yarn? ;)
Hope your feeling better today. Sleep is good for ya. Wish I could have some.

Peevish said...

Sleep! Rest! Ingest drugs!

Tracey said...

Are you feeling better yet? How was your trip to the museum? Where you coherent enough to enjoy it?