March 19, 2007

Run For Your Lives!!!

The Tribbles have returned!!
Oh wait… it’s not a tribble. What the heck is it then? Weird mossy boulder? A jelly-bean that I dropped under the bed that started to grow fur?

No, it’s Sal*, the hedgehog!

I cast Sal on at about 3 o’clock on Sunday and was felting him by 8:45 that same night. I already have requests for two more hedgies. And I fully understand why people find them so addictive to knit. Look at him! He’s freaking adorable!

Speaking of adorable…
I found this little guy at JoAnn’s when I popped in to get the fur for Sal.

He needs a name...How could I pass up that cuteness for only $2.50?

Speaking of great deals… (check out Kelly and the mad segue action!)
I picked this up at the thrift store for $1.79. Then I did the Happy Kelly Dance™ all around the store.

I also picked up
Shaun the sheep must belong to me. I have been exposed to the adorableness that is Wallace and Gromit (thank you Chris!) and I am officially a fan.

Got my first EVER ball of Trekking
I couldn’t resist the crazy colors!

And, to finish things off nicely
Are these cool or are they cool? They’re leather DPN holder thingies. I have HUGE issues with my DPNs poking holes through my bags, stabbing me when I’m groping in my purse for something, stitches falling off the unprotected ends, etc.

Now I just need to cast on some socks, so I can use them…

*1000 bonus points and a cookie for everyone who can guess why his name is Sal. Here, I'll give you a hint... look at his COLORS...


Chris said...

I'm too crampy and crabby to even guess at the name... :( He's adorable, tho.

Glad to introduce you to the wonders of Wallace & Gromit & Shaun!! That sheep you got is really cute, but he's definitely not a Shaun. Actually, I think he's a she. Maybe Wendolene. ;)

Diane said...

OOOOO love that colorways of Trekking. Your hedgehog is very cute. Obviously your knitting mojo is back.

Tracey said...

He is TOO cute! I love him to pieces. Don't you absolutely adore Wallace and Grommit. I love those movies. Grommit is the coolest dog in the world.

Tanya said...

Aren't those hedgehogs the best? I think I've made 7 or more last year. Really fun!

Birdwell said...

Salazar Slytherin is SO CUTE!!! I don't like felting, but making that cute little bugger will be worth it!

I love hedgehogs.

Oh yeah I totally cheated because I found you from your intro in the HP 7 KAL blog. (122 days!!!)

You better head to the leaky cauldron forums--there's an excellent Snape discussion going on right now.

Karen said...

Oh Sal is beyond Fabulous! The Hedgehogs are such a fun, fast, SUPER CUTE knit.

Ann said...

Welcome to the world of Wallace and Gromit! We love them in our house. My son claims that he IS Wallace.
The hedgie is so cute!

Tink said...

I heart hedgehogs!!

Dana said...

The hedgehog is adorable! Where did you get the pattern?