March 25, 2007

Weekend With Lil' Sis

Friday night Kari showed up on my doorstep, excited for a weekend out with her big sister. I was going to take her to the museum on Saturday and Sunday we went to the hockey game.

Trips to the museum with Kari are always great fun. She steals my digital camera and takes pictures of everything she sees. I love taking her because it's a nice trip, train ride, bus ride and a walk to the museum, and because it's educational and everytime she goes she seems to take something away.

This trip she took a whopping 176 photos with my camera. Here are a few of the best:

These pictures are from the Underground Adventure section, where you're shrunk down to less than an inch tall and go underground to explore the benefits of soil and all it does for us today.

It was so crazy foggy that day! I actually got lost heading back to the bus stop because I couldn't see where I was going. The above photo was taken less than half a block away from the museum.

Kari said the cutest thing on Saturday, when I decided to keep her for a second night.

"I guess this is a really good weekend for me! I get to be with my big sister for two nights!"

And before she left she wrote me a little note on the dry-erase board on my door.

"Kelly thank you for taking me to the museum on Saturday. You are the best big sister I ever had. Thanks Kelly I really love you. Love, Kari."

I'm such a lucky sister....


Ann said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
Sisters can be good things!

Also wanted to mention something about the Wallace and Gromit set you have - We have that same set, and you can put the WereRabbit dvd in your computer and get some neato printables. Also, if you play the games on your dvd player (I think they are listed under the DWK selection), it gives you a code that you can use to unlock an extra T-shirt iron-on printable. If I'm remembering right, the code was "cheese", but it was a while back when we did it. My son and I made him a t-shirt from it.

I wish we had some neat museums closer to us. Looks like y'all had fun!

Tink said...

What a great weekend! I loved the pictures. Although I can't quite figure out what you guys have your heads in in the first one. You're such a cool sis.

Chris said...

Aw, sounds like a fabulous weekend! It was crazy foggy here Sunday morning, too.

Tracey said...

Alright, Kari's comment begs the many other big sister's did she have before you came along? See, it took how many other applicants before she found a big sister who could be "the best".