April 03, 2007

Babbling Away…

I have thoughts, but they have no order. So I’m just going to let them run crazy and see where I end up.

I cast on for a sock last night. 6 times. With 2 different yarns. I’ve decided that I am no longer capable of knitting toe up socks. I would get to a certain point, start to tighten those loose first stitches and the whole thing would explode in my hands. Boom. Yarn everywhere. I thought maybe it was the first yarn (it was pretty splitty) so I gave it a whirl with different yarn. Nope, it’s not the yarn. It’s me. Needles were thrown across the room and sock knitting was sworn off forever. Which is bad cause my stash is, like, 70% sock yarn.

Why was I so determined to knit this sock? Because tonight I’m meeting the Yarn Harlot! Woot! She’s talking at a local (ok, an hour away) book store and I’m pretty sure it’s some unofficial rule that you have to be knitting a sock at her talks/signings. But by the end of the night, with two balls of yarn with frayed ends from being knit and frogged so many times lying on the floor, me near tears and resisting the temptation to bend my DPNs into paperclips and some really weird anime show on TV with killer robots that talked like children, I gave up.

I’ll be working on my first project for the Buffy KAL, Drucilla’s lace shawl. I bought the yarn from Elann.com and I have to admit I was stunned at how fast it was delivered. I figured, coming from Canada, I’d have a decent wait ahead of me. But I think I ordered Thursday and it arrived on Monday. It’s not at soft as I’d hoped but I think after it’s been knit and soaked and blocked it’ll soften up at lot. I guess I expect llama to be like alpaca. Butter soft and impossible to resist. I’m hoping that the shawl ends up that way.

My boss is constantly amused by my two great loves, hockey and knitting (he never sees my third great love, reading). Yesterday I told him that I was going to be near his house for a book signing by a popular knitting author. He laughed and then asked me a very interesting question.

“Now… what would you do if there was a hockey game on that same day?”

I’ll admit that I actually stopped and considered this question for a fair amount of time. But, in the end, I admitted that if the choice had to be made, I’d choose the Harlot. Hockey games run all season long, she doesn’t come to Illinois that often.


Diane said...

Obviously you were working with defective knitting needles since it happened with both yarns. You did the right thing by sending those rotten needles to time out. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and behave the next time.

Chris said...

Hey, there's a link to a different sort of toe up cast on in my sidebar - it doesn't have loose stitches that need to be tightened up later. Have fun tonight!

mrspao said...

Enjoy seeing the YH!

I'm a bit defective when trying the toe ups too.

Karen said...

Can't help you with socks. I can't get the hang of them. I'll stick with Hedgehogs for now.

So do tell about the Harlot.

I have a pic of the Sherlock Holmes nesting dolls, will post sometime tomorrow.

Tracey said...

Good choice, otherwise we would stop being friends. OH yeah, and guess what...Theeeeres klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow, starboard bow. theres klingons on the starboard bow, starboard bow JIM!