May 25, 2007

Damn Near Perfect

The Lion King was… wow, it defies description. I mean… the costumes… the sets… the singing!

I’ve been waiting to see this musical for years. It was in Chicago in 2003 but I just didn’t have the money back then. And ever since then I’ve been on the lookout for it to be in the area. And it was everything I could have hoped for.

Our seats were AMAZING. If we’d been any closer to the stage we would have had to take bows with the cast. At the start of the musical the animals came down the aisles of the theater, including an elephant, a baby elephant, a rhinoceros and a flock of birds. During the Entr’acte the cast sang while birds swooped around and flew over our heads. I spent the majority of the play with my mouth hanging slightly opened, lost in the sheer beauty of everything.

The cast was wonderful. Scar stole the show, as well he should. Villains are always the ones who either make or break the show. Just the way that he moved across the stage, the movements meant to be threatening, the subtle insanity, the way he manipulated the lion mask when he was trying to look more dangerous.

I loved the decision that they made to NOT hide the actors’ faces behind masks. The man who played Zazu was not a man in an oversized bird costume. He was a man in a suit, manipulating a bird puppet so that they both played the role. The same went for the men playing Timon and Pumba and the hyenas.

After the play was over (and the standing ovation and 3 curtain calls) I called home to describe the play and all I could do was stammer and stutter. It defies description. If you have a chance to see it (Here's a link to the tour page) go! It’s wonderful.

Aside from the fantastic play we had a pretty good time exploring Appleton Wisconsin. We found a knitting store, which is always good, and I spent way too much, which is bad. Then we found a used book store. One of those great, back roads shops where the books are haphazardly piled all over the place and the owner has read nearly all of them and even though there are a million books he knows each and every title he had in stock right then. And all the books were 50% off. I spent a grand total of $13, but I think I walked out with 8 or 9 books.

Back at home we decided to buy tickets for the first showings of Pirates of the Carribbean at 8pm. The theater was packed and the CUTEST guy was sitting next to us. I think, between Anna and myself, we really pissed off the girl he was with. But I mean… how often is it that you find a drop dead gorgeous guy who likes the nerdiest things like you do? It was when Anna mentioned Star Wars and he jumped at the subject that I physically restrained her. I was afraid she’d end up jumping the poor boy right then and there. Admittedly when he seemed actually opened to the idea of a Ren Faire I nearly jumped him myself. But WOW, was the girl he was with giving us some evil looks. I tried to get her to join in on the conversation, but she just wanted to sit there and glare. Makes me wonder how girls like that get dates with anyone if all they’re going to do is pout.

Pirates was… eh. Not what I was hoping for. They spent a good chunk of the movie building up this one subplot, making it seem all important, like it would be the great climax and then… kinda forgot about it. And it sat long. I found my mind wandering a few times.

It was a crazy two days. I’m exhausted, my head is positively throbbing from lack of sleep, and I’m looking forward to sleeping my Saturday away.


knittingnurse said...

Oh I am SO GLAD that enjoyed Lion King as much as you did (much like myself when we saw it).

It truly was awe inspiring, huh? I, too, enjoyed the choices made with the costuming. Theoretically, it sounds like it may not work but, man oh man, does it ever!

Hmmmm, I might just have to wait until the DVD for Pirates then . . . .

Thanks for the info. Glad you enjoyed.

BTW, just WHAT did you get at the yarn store??? Inquiring minds, y'know.

omly said...

I took my daughter to see this last year when it was in Boston. Such an amazing show. I think I enjoyed it more than she did!

Chris said...

Sounds like an absolutely fabulous day!! I'm looking forward to the weekend myself... :)

duchessofgravity said...

i just loved that show! one of my favorite props was that bicycle thingey that they used to have antelope run across the stage!

omly said...

I know you posted today, but if you have a chance don't forget to post your Friday Show and Tell. I would hate for those Griffyndors to pass us!

mrspao said...

Wow - that looks amazing!!!