May 10, 2007

My Night:

10:30 – Lights out, in bed
11:00 – Get up, change PJ pants to PJ shorts, make bed, find light fleece, sleep on top of covers cause it’s hot as hell. Wipe nose.
11:15 – Wipe nose
11:20 – Wipe nose
11:35 – Wake up, wipe nose, get something to drink cause sleeping with my mouth open is drying out my tongue.
11:40 – Wipe nose
12:00 – Wipe nose, get up, hunt down new box of tissues
12:30 – Wipe nose
12:45 – See above
12:50 – Wake up, blow nose, realize I’ve managed to take off my PJ shorts during my 5 minute nap (I have a weird habit of stripping in my sleep), pull them back on, get back in bed.

I’ll spare you the, pun intended, blow by blow events of my night, but they continued pretty much the same way. I got up, I think, 4 times to check my alarm clock, certain that it was well after my usual wakeup time.

I’m tired, sick and resemble Rudolph. And I’m very tender.

As was made evident a few minutes ago when a co-worker called me from the field to tell me that so and so is typing up a memo he needs me to fax out to all the Project Supervisors on site. I told him I didn’t have all the site fax numbers and his response was:

*laughs* “Well I guess it’s a good thing you never have much to do, since you’ll be on the phone getting those numbers for the rest of the day, wontcha?”

Just that utter disregard for the pile of work I do every day for him alone, forget the 10 other guys who give me work, left me in tears. Any other day I would have laughed and jokingly told him where to stick it, but not today.

I’d try to nap on my lunch, but I’m still drippy. And poor Kari has called be a lready today to see if I’m better, since she and I have fun weekend plans set up for her birthday and I can tell she’s worried they might end up cancelled.


Anna-juniorknitwit said...

Aw, hun, I'm sorry you're not feeling well...

And mean people suck!

Hope you feel better tommorow and can still do fun birthday things with Kari.

LYL, hun

Anna :)

mrspao said...

Sending you some virtual Vitamin C and TLC! Hope you are better soon!!!

Chris said...

Oh no!! I hope you feel much, much better by now... When you feel better, you'll have to give that guy grief about kicking you when you were down.

Heather said...

Ah! That nasty stuff is going around here too. Of course, now I bet you are feeling better!