July 06, 2007

Confirmedly Disappointed and The Escape

Got my housing assignment for school yesterday.

Shared bedroom.

Not cool.

Can’t move in until August 18th, a day AFTER the other dorms.

Way not cool.

Called my mom to share the news this morning and I was telling her “can’t move in until Saturday, which sucks because either we leave Friday and spend $100 to stay in a stupid hotel overnight or leave at the asscrack on dawn on Saturday to get down there with enough time to move in so that on Sunday we can go to lunch and say a proper goodb-“

And that’d be when it hit me and I started to BAWL. It’s really happening. I’m really leaving. I’m really going to be sharing bunk beds again. (Just when I thought I’d finished with those forever.)

I’m glad that I had warning though. I knew that it was likely that I’d be bunking with someone, so I was prepared for the disappointment.

Luckily I’ve devised a clever scheme to distract myself from being so disappointed. I have constructed a time machine and will go back in time to 1574, where Queen Elizabeth I is visiting the lovely city of Bristol.

I plan to celebrate her arrival thusly… That ought to deal with the disappointment nicely, don’tcha think?


Tracey said...


Chris said...

You goof! Open mind, open mind, maybe you'll bond and be lifelong friends...

Batty said...

Did they give you contact info for your roomie? Call her. Maybe she's not a brainless party girl and you'll make a new best friend (keeping fingers and toes crossed for you).

Great way to celebrate.

Anonymous said...
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Diane said...

WWWWaaaaaaa I'll sob along with you. How disappointing. See if you can contact your roommate ahead of time to set up things (like who will bring the microwave, frige, etc).

mrspao said...

I agree with Chris. After all, your new roommate might be a knitting fiend.

Woman who knits said...

I pretty much spent my 4 years doing the same thing on the ground! I managed to do okay with life. The housing assignment does suck. I can't imagine not going right into your room!

Good luck!