July 15, 2007

Long Live the Queen of Fooles!!

They're having a contest this year at the faire. The King of Fooles contest. Basically what you do is go, tell a joke or make a face or do something silly for the Queen and, if you are the funniest, you are named King (or Queen) of Fooles for the day.

Being the comedic sort that I am, I couldn't resist penning a short limerick for the contest:

In England Queen Lizzie did rule
With a head that was steady and cool
The people cried "You must wed!"
She replied "I'd rather be dead!
For all men are drunkards and fools!"

So I signed up for the contest and what do you know... I won.
The Chancellor is laughing because I was shaking. (There were a LOT of people gathered around watching.)

In a most solemn ceremony conducted by the Archbishop of Unreason, I was sworn in as the Queen of Fooles, with the duty of spreading good humor and merriment all the places I go. (See that silver cup the woman is holding? Yeah... I was splashed with water a few times for the Queen's amusement. It was a hot day, I was grateful.)
Why yes, that IS a new skirt I'm wearing. Thank you so much for noticing.

Of course with my crown came danger, for there are those that would assassinate even the Queen of Fooles.
That's my buddy Leigh, which is also the name I use at the faire. We still can't decide which of us is Leigh 1 and Leigh 2. She and her brother RJ sort of adopted me as their big sister last year at the faire.

Here I am with RJ (left) and his friend whose name I won't even TRY to spell, it begins with a Y though. They're great kids. I love spending time with them and their mom at the faire. (Hi Toby! Thanks for taking the pics!)

For winning the contest I received a garland of flowers and a beautiful glass goblet with the Bristol Faire 20th anniversary seal on it. Woohoo!

Think that's something I should put on my resume?
Cashier - Osco Drug - 2000-2003
Scanning Coordinator - Osco Drug - 2003-2005
Receptionist - W.B. Olsin - 2005-2007
Queen of Fooles - Bristol Renaissance Faire - July 14-July 15 2007


Chris said...

Congrats! Cute outfit.

Batty said...

Congratulations! What great fun. I love the faire!

Where did you get that bodice? Did you make it yourself? Inquiring minds want to know!

mrspao said...

I vote Queen of Fools! You look great!!!!

Tracey said...

Holy heaving cleavage Batman!

Lets see...Queen of Fools...why am I not surprised.

Peevish said...

Wheeee! SO COOL! And in a few years you'll be Dr Fool.