September 10, 2007

Why Are They Doing This To Me?

Stress level hit 100 this morning. Actually, it hit 100 so hard that it's completely out of sight at this point.

I was sitting down to pay my bills for the month and I decided to check on whether or not that second loan had gone through yet. Remember? The one that I got, then it disappeared, then I went and they fixed it?

So I sign on-line and check my account and it says

Total due as of Sept 10th: $5679.85

I stopped, literally froze with terror and stared at the billing screen. It looked as if I'd been charged for this semester twice. And if the bill wasn't paid by the 16th they were going to drop me from all of my classes.

I think I might have broken the sound barrier in my rush to get to the financial aid office. All I kept thinking was "Stay calm, don't cry, it'll get fixed." SO I waited in line and finally it was my turn and I went up and explained the problem. She typed away on her computer before looking up, smilingly, and saying:

"Oh you weren't charged twice. ALL YOUR LOANS HAVE BEEN CANCELED."

No words can really describe the level of horror that I reached in that moment in time. I just kept thinking that I couldn't do it again. I couldn't leave school and go back to temping and forget about my dream again. I just couldn't do it.

I couldn't help it. I cried. I covered my mouth, stared at her with huge eyes and cried. I couldn't form words at all. She asked me a few questions, had I written in and canceled the loans myself (umm... no), did I drop all of my classes, (umm... I missed one last Tuesday), did I get any notification at all? Then she told me to sit down and she'd try to figure out what had happened.

So I sit down, where everyone else in line is staring at the teary-eyed spaz, and tried to calm myself down and regain some level of control. 45 minutes pass before the woman came out and called me up again.

They'd called the loan company to verify the cancellation and ask why but the loan company said that they certainly hadn't canceled the loans. Again, a computer glitch had chosen my lucky account and had randomly canceled all my loans. They reinstated them manually, but once again I have to wait 2-3 weeks for my refund check.

In the mean time I still haven't found a job and Ly blamed me for her getting stung by a bee over the weekend.


Chris said...

Yikes! Hang in there, ok??? You can do it!!

Anna-juniorknitwit said...

I'm sorry to hear there's stress about the loan, hun...they really need to clear up the computer glitch on your account for the sake of your sanity.

You're pretty good at lighting the proverbial fires under people's butts, may be time to collect the firewood... ;)


Lynn said...

Well shit.

All I can figure is you are dealing with all this crap now, so the next few years of college will be problem free.
For god sake's the Financial Aid Office had better 'Gold Star' your freaking account and never bother you AGAIN!!

DPUTiger said...

1. Ignore the roommates.
2. Take a deep breath. These are speed bumps on the way to your dream. YOU WILL MAKE IT!
(((HUG))) :)

Jennifer said...

I totally would have cried too. Don't worry, at least you caught it in time, and they better figure out what's causing these glitches.
Also, I had no idea you had power over bees and could get them to sting people! :) Is it just bees or the entire insect kingdom?
You should have people write in and tell you their worst roomate stories, it would cheer you up I bet.

Traceyleezle said...

Alright, I am driving down there, and I will personally go to the FA office and slap some people! Enough already! Pick on somebody else's account! And you roommates? Immature, yep. I'll slap them too. Then my dear, you'll get a big bear hug and I'll push you in the car and we will go get ice cream and yarn, and it will be all better. Yep.

knittingnurse said...

ugh! OK, so, first off, your room mates suck. ASS. BIG TIME! F*** 'em is all I have to say.

Next, the FA office thing sucks but it's, unfortunately, not unusual. Government at it's finest, y'know.

Hang in there. All these bumps in roads (ok MOUNTAINS) will make getting to the end oh so much sweeter!

Diane said...

I totally would have cried like a 2 yr old. Really WTF!

And seiously why don't you knit a couple doll, dress it like Ly and taunt her by making believe it's a voodoo doll.

mrspao said...

I would have cried long before I got to the desk. I really hope they sort you out properly this time.


Kirk said...

Kelly, it is Standard that the College makes you wait until after the drop date to get your refund check. It sucks but you just have to wait it out.